We have been operating the product Planning & Follow Up – PFU, Drilling e iVAC – Integrated Visual Analytic Center, for Petrobras in Campos Basin and in Pre-Salt Wells. We assist engineers in the time and cost estimation and risk analysis of well interventions (drilling, exploratory analysis, completion and work over), as well as in the monitoring of operations performance to run a PDCA improvement cycle.

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Our job in Pre Salt wells has shown the need of a benchmarking process for the performance of rig operations. We developed Genesis Rig Performance System – RPSto assist drilling contractors to execute their rig operations even better and, consequently, build solid partnership with operators, contributing for time and money savings in the well construction.


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Technical papers presented by Genesis in industry events

- Ontology of operations can streamline completions, workover – Offshore Magazine(this paper received Best Technical Innovation Award in Offshore Asia 2009) - Best Technical Innovation Award – Offshore Asia 2009

- Consolidation of Field Knowledge - Rio Oil & Gas 2010

- How We Improved Operations in Drilling Pre-Salt Wells - Rio Oil & Gas 2012