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Posted on 22-03-2021 10:20 PM

More Reviews More Inquries

Did you know that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations?
Increasing your reviews increases the numbers of customers who will engage with your business when they find it.

More Positive ReviewsBrings More Business

Consumers research and read reviews before making a purchase decision.
In fact, they read at least ten reviews before they feel confident making a decision.
The more Google customer reviews you have, the trust they will have in your brand

Higher reviews, higher rank

Google rewards businesses that have frequent and positive reviews. They are a definite local SEO ranking factor, as confirmed by Google itself.




Do Google Reviews Help with Rankings?

Google reviews asolutely help with your Google ranking.
They give businesses a big credibility boost by:

Increasing brand trust

Increasing online reputation

Boosting local SEO

Improving click-through rates

Converting more potential customers

The bottom line is, Google reviews are free to collect and bring a lot of benefit to a business to increase sales if you know how to make the most out of them.

Getting More Google Reviews


If you want more reviews on Google - then you will have to become more proactive in asking for them and even helping your customers to do them.


The key here make it so easy for your customers to leave a review. view.

In the past is was harder - but with links and QR codes. Getting reviews has never been easier

Do you see your customers face to face?

You can provide them with a direct link to your Google my business or you can use Tap and Review cards.

This is the gateway to getting more Google reviews - the link that sends someone immediately to the review section of your GMB (Google My Business).

Show them how to leave a review.

Suggest what they can write - Give them some keywords that you want to get found on Google with.


In the past a business would ask a customer and you would have to do the following
Often times the reviews would never eventuate and you staterd to sound like a nag - asking everytone if they had done what you asked them to do


Set Goals To Get Google Reviews

Make it easy for your customers to review you and they will.
Make it easy for your staff to get more reviews and they will.
Using a system like Perfect Review will get more reviews from your happy customers.
Infact you will get new reviews everyday once you learn how to ask a simple question
"Would you leave us a review"

Ask this question as you have finished helping a customer and they are likely to say yes. They feel good, they have just made a purchase or you have just completed the work they wanted.
So ask them while everyone is feeling positive!


Where do Google reviews show up?

Google reviews are displayed in two prominent places:



If you search for a business/organisation with a Google My Business listing, you will see the listing and any reviews directly in the search results.

You can also search for something local, such as "local pizza restaurant", and see the Google reviews for it in the Google search results. We call this area of Maps listings in Google the "Local Pack", and you can immediately see their star rating derived from their Google ratings.



Google ratings can also be viewed directly within the Google Maps app. Google My Business listings are connected to Google Maps. You can see their Google ratings any time you search for a location or click on a location pin.

If they don't have any, that will be displayed as well.


If you think about it, your business/organisation's reviews can be seen by millions of Google Search and Google Maps users, which is why it's so important to have Google reviews to stand out from the crowd.


Can I Control Google Reviews For My Business?


While this can sometimes be frustrating because you'll get an incorrect rating that completely messes up your star rating and public image, it's an essential step in making sure Google provides accurate information.

Imagine if a business could pick and choose what was available for people to see. There would never be a negative review anywhere!

But for honest and reliable businesses, there are steps you can take.


Dealing with bad reviews on Google

There may come a time when you receive a bad review on Google. Even though we wish a negative review wouldn't show up, it's entirely possible.
We wish we could remove bad reviews, we cannot on Google.



YES, you should address them.


Don't allow a bad review to remain on your Google My Business profile 

All businesses will eventually have to deal with a negative review.
How you handle it will shine thought as long as you treat it with Gret customer service.
Don't back away from the chance to show off your customer service skills.


What Can You Challenge A Fake Google review?


What do we recommend you do?

First, if it is a fake or malicious Google review, make sure you flag the review.

Second, respond to the review and on the same day if possible.

Even if it is a fake review, offer to make amends and rectify the situation.
This will reflect well on your company and helps those who see the bad review.


Third, if Google has not removed the review after a week or more, contact the business through your Google My Business dashboard support section.

Try emailing or calling the Google My Business support team to alert them to the problem and state your case.

Fourth, Get Google Reviews! If the review is not removed, then the only other course of action is to bury it with positive reviews. Do not allow bad reviews to ruin your business!