How To Get TripAdvisor Reviews

by TripAdvisor Reviews

Posted on 20-03-2021 08:36 PM

People often make purchasing decisions for accommodation based on the rankings and reviews they read on third party sites like TripAdvisor

Over half of TripAdvisor users will not make a reservation at a property that has not received reviews.

To be competitive on TripAdvisor, you MUST earn positive reviews on a regular basis. Let me tell you how to get consistent reviews:




Ask Your Customers For Reviews

It's obvious: If you don't ask, you won't get them.
Ask your guests to leave a review.
Start by asking satisfied guests to leave a review as they are checking out.
If they have genuinly enjoyed their stay and you ask them. Most will oblige

You can send a thank you email with a link to the review area or you can be even more proactive and ask if they will review you on the spot at checkout time.


But, is that all to reviews?

Not really!
Because collecting reviews is only part of the whole picture.

Another important aspect is responding to these reviews regularly.

Responding to all reviews is an important element in managing TripAdvisor listings.

It shows customers that their opinions matter and that you care about any feedback, regardless of sentiment.
Responding to positive reviews is always reccomended but responding to negative reviews is a must.
These are the reviews that potential guests will read first.

If you have not replied to a negative review, then it will appear that the review must be warranted.
Potential visitores want to be reassured that the venue they select will be what they are looking for and do not want to feel decieved.


In fact, 45 per cent of consumers say they are more likely to visit a business that responds to their reviews.


TripAdvisor notifies a business when they have received a review.

This allows you to respond to those reviews as quickly as possible.

If you do it well, responding to reviews can lead to higher booking numbers for your property.

Are you struggling to get more reviews?
Using an easy product like Perfect Review's Tap and Review cards at checkout will enable a hotel to gain new reviews everyday from their happy customers.
They can also leave a review on Google or Facebook at the same time.

It only adds an extra minute to the checkout process and you will have solved a problenm that many venues face with knowing how to make it easy for their happy customers to leave their feedback