誠摯邀請您參加 Google 台灣所舉辦的「2020 Google AI Boot Camp (Google AI 創新研究營)」,若無法預覽下圖,請點此連結報名參加。

Google 致力協助台灣培育科技智慧人才,今年再次與科技部 AI 創新研究中心及科技部臺大人工智慧研究中心合作舉辦 「2020 Google AI 創新研究營」,誠摯邀請您線上與會,期待透過分享 Google 最新 AI 研究案例,與台灣學術界進行深度產學交流,一齊推動台灣的 AI 研究進程。


日期:2020 年 7 月 8 日 至 7 月 9 日
icon 時間:9:00 至 18:00
icon 地點:YouTube直播(將於報名成功後寄送直播連結)


Responsible and helpful AI

Beyond Being Accurate: Solving Real-World Recommendation Problems with Neural Modeling

Advancing Task-oriented Dialogues, Search, and Recommenders through Neural Sequence Modeling Research

Neural Structured Learning in TensorFlow: Research & Applications

AI in Healthcare

DeepVariant: Accurate Discovery of Genetic Variants with Deep Learning

Advancing Cancer Diagnostics with Deep Learning

What's New in TensorFlow

Computerized Pathological Voice Detection

AI with image recognition and the application on ads and video

Rethinking pre-training and self-training for object detection and segmentation

Automatic Video Creation From a Structured Document

Handwriting Recognition at Google

Learning the Representations of Ads

Text with AI

Towards fast and accurate streaming end-to-end automatic speech recognition

Multilingual Retrieval Question Answering

Long Term Temporal Credit Assignment Using Memory In Reinforcement Learning

Towards Robust and Verified ML Models

Google 專題講者

Alden Hung

Senior Research Scientist

Po-Sen Huang

Research Scientist

Cameron Chen

Senior Software Engineer

Da-Cheng Juan

Technical Lead Manager

Ed Chi

Principal Scientist

Heng-Tze Cheng

Technical Lead Manager

Li-Lun Wang

Senior Software Engineer

Mike Liang

Senior Product Manager

Pi-Chuan Chang

Senior Software Engineer

Peggy Chi

Senior Research Scientist

Shuo-Yiin Chang

Senior Research Scientist

Tsung-Yi Lin

Research Scientist

Yun-Hsuan Sung

Senior Staff Research Scientist


Shih-Hau Fang

Yuan Ze University
AI Research Center at NTU (AINTU)

Shan-Hung Wu

National Tsing-Hua University
AI Research Center at NTU (AINTU)




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