5 reasons to make cleaner cars now

Posted by sara_a — 13 March 2013 at 5:18pm - Comments
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Now that VW, Europe's biggest and most powerful car company, has agreed to make cleaner and more efficient cars, it's time to convince the rest of Europe (and the world) to follow suit.

Over the next few months, EU politicians will be making decisions that will affect every new car in Europe. We need them to put in place tough laws to make future cars greener and cleaner.


1. It will help save the Arctic
The Arctic is under pressure from both a changing climate and dangerous companies drilling for oil. To tackle these twin threats we need big solutions that change the game on fossil fuels.

2. It will cut emissions drastically and have a global effect
We could cut CO2 emissions from cars in half by 2025 in Europe, and the global car market will feel the pressure to keep up with innovation in Europe. That means we could see less polluting cars in countries like China and the US too.

3. We’ll save money
If we make cars more efficient, UK drivers could save around £400 a year, or a quarter of average petrol costs.

4. We’re already winning!
In 2010, we asked Europe’s biggest car maker, VW, if they could meet strong European CO2 reduction targets. They said it couldn’t be done. So, more than 526,000 of you put the pressure on VW, and last week, they announced that they can and will meet those targets. Now we have a chance to multiply this win and help the world use less oil.

5. This is the moment
In coming months MEPs are going to vote on whether or not Europe supports strong CO2 reduction targets for cars. This is our unique chance to tell them to vote for solutions that cut fuel waste and go beyond oil toward cleaner, less destructive energy.

Together we can have a global impact on car emissions and help save fragile environments like the Arctic. Send a message to your European representative now and demand tough laws to make our cars greener.

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