Hundreds of revellers to form big 'NO' at Glastonbury in protest at airport expansion

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24 June, 2009

Hundreds of pilots, stewardesses, train drivers and passengers will attempt to form the biggest human "NO" ever seen at Glastonbury festival at midday on Saturday, in protest at the government's plans for airport expansion.

The motley cabin crew will assemble on the Greenpeace field at midday on Saturday, amid claims that the growth of the airline industry could make it impossible for the UK to beat climate change. Aviation is now one of the fastest growing sources of CO2 emissions in the UK, representing 13 per cent of Britain's impact on the climate. (1)

The protestors - who are being encouraged (but not required)  to come in uniform - will gather at 12pm on Saturday 27th June on the Greenpeace Airplot - an aviation themed field complete with an "out of control tower" and a long runway. The best outfit will win a duty-free prize, and as many people as possible are needed to make this a world record.

Greenpeace aviation campaigner Anna Jones, who is running the event, said:

"We're planning to send a message to Gordon Brown right from the heart of Glastonbury festival. His obsession with airport expansion just doesn't make sense, because flying is ten times more damaging to the climate than taking the train. That's why I'm meeting up with hundreds of other people to say "NO" to a third runway at Heathrow.

"I don't want our countryside to suffer more floods, heatwaves and droughts. We must get our emissions down, which means the government must drop its airport expansion programme right now."

Hundreds of people are expected to form the big NO - which will then be photographed from the 'out of control tower' - which doubles up as a climbing wall for people to try out.

Flying is one of the fastest growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, and emissions are set to treble if government expansion plans go ahead. Flights from and within the UK account for between 6-8 per cent of our total CO2 emissions, while the Government admits that aviation's true effect is at least 13 per cent of the UK's climate impact because greenhouse gases create more global warming when emitted at altitude.


Pictures and video will be available on the day, and journalists at the Glastonbury festival are welcome to attend.

Please call James Turner on 07766 165323 or Graham Thompson on 07505 178 489 for more information.

(1) 13 per cent figure from Gillian Merron in answer to parliamentary question 26th April 2007.

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