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12 social media moments you…and we, loved in 2017

Posted by Nick Monro aka Dikson - 21st December 2017

As we wrap up the year let’s take a moment to scroll through a timeline of campaign wins, ludicrous penguin name generators and feel good stories.

Thanks for being part of our social media community in 2017.

12. That moment when the UK backed a ban on insect harming pesticides.

11. The day we all got to create ludicrous penguin names.

10. The moment the UK Government announced it would ban microbeads.

9. This.

8. When Scotland did this!


7. When we learned a bit about Iceland’s new Prime Minister.

6. When David Attenborough was David Attenborough.

5. When an octopus chose freedom.

4. That moment we scored a HUGE campaign win.

3. This verdict.

2. That moment London got its own plastic free shop.

1. Finally, when the price set for offshore wind contracts fell by 50% in five years.


Here’s to more good news in 2018.



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