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Food for thought: Less meat and more veggies

Posted by Tom Micklewright - 5th March 2018

We all want to live in a world with clean water, lush forests, and abundant and nutritious food. For our friends and families to be able to thrive on a healthy planet. But our future and our children’s future is threatened by industrial meat and dairy.

Intensive meat production is tearing down our forests, polluting our water, warming the planet and harming our health.

That’s why Greenpeace has launched a global campaign with one ambitious goal: the reduction of meat and dairy production and consumption by at least 50% by 2050.

 What’s the impact?

We’ve undertaken some research into the industry. Here are a few things we found out:

  • Meat production releases as much greenhouse gas emissions as cars, trains, ships and airplanes combined.
  • It pollutes rivers and oceans with animal waste.
  • Intensive livestock farming contributes to antibiotic resistance, and the amount of meat we eat increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, type-2 diabetes and some cancers.

You can have a read of the full report here: Greenpeace livestock vision towards 2050.


So what’s the plan?

We have the power to change our schools, cities, and governments.

We can demand governments support small-scale ecological farmers instead of subsidising industrial meat companies. We can ask for more plant-based food and less meat in our schools, universities and public canteens.

By choosing less industrial meat and more connection with our food and the people who produce it, we can stop the meat industry from harming the environment and our health.



How can I get involved?

You can sign up to join the movement and get your hands on more info to share with friends and family.

There are lots of great recipes to try – why not check out our online veggie cookbook.

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