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Nat Geo KiDs: Winners of the Greenpeace poster competition announced

Posted by Greenpeace UK - 21st February 2018

Late last year, as part of our campaign to create an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary, we ran an exciting competition in the National Geographic KiDS magazine. We asked NG KiDS readers to design a banner for our ship, the Arctic Sunrise, to inspire our new mission.

We were really overwhelmed by the response to our competition, as we received over 200 entries! It was extremely tough for the NG KiDS and Greenpeace judging board to select only one winner and three runners-up. Having so many outstanding posters, we bent the rules a little bit and decided to give honourable mentions to an extra five contestants. All the kids showed incredible drawing skills and fantastic knowledge of Greenpeace and our campaign to create an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary. We were truly amazed by some posters!

Bruno, aged 11, who won the competition, took our heart with his meticulous work showing an industrial boat fishing for krill and a penguin trying to stop the boat and protect the Antarctic. His banner will be taken aboard our ship in the Antarctic Ocean in March. The lucky winner will get a photo of his banner in the captain’s cabin and a cool Greenpeace Virtual Reality Explorer Kit.

The Runners-up and Honorable Mentions

The runners-up, Brooke and Daniel (aged 9 and 12), painted amazing wildlife like seals, penguins and killer whales, which need our protection. Ronan, aged 7, who is also a runner-up, drew our Arctic Sunrise ship going on a mission to protect the Antarctic Ocean.

Runner-up Brooke, aged 9


Runner-up Daniel, aged 12
Runner-up Ronan, aged 7


All the runners-up are also scooping VR Kits, so they can go on a virtual adventure canoeing down the Amazon River or coming face to face with a polar bear in the icy Arctic.

To start your own virtual adventure, click here to get your Greenpeace VR Explorer Kit:

The additional five posters we decided to give honourable mentions to, show the animals that live in the Antarctic and some even mention threats posed to them. Some fun Greenpeace materials like stickers and animal origami will be posted to Astrid, Corban, Emily, Isabelle and Tess.


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