Greenpeace says budget increase is a damning indictment of Hinkley project:

Publication date: 3rd July 2017

In response to EDF Energy announcement of Hinkley budget increase, John Sauven, Executive Director at Greenpeace UK, said:

“Hinkley is already over time and over budget after just a few months of building work. Today’s news is yet another damning indictment of the government’s agreement to go ahead with this project.  This year’s school leavers will still be paying for Hinkley when they approach their pension age. And now it looks like they will be paying for the most expensive object on earth for even longer.

“Every nuclear power station currently being built in Europe and the USA has gone massively over time and over budget. The nuclear industry is rife with scandal, safety irregularities and poor management. Long before Hinkley is even finished, offshore wind will be producing far cheaper and safer power[1]. The nuclear new build program should be halted for better alternatives that will meet our energy needs and provide jobs in the regions.”

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Notes to editors:

[1] Offshore wind power could be 25% cheaper than Hinkley’s nuclear