How To Avoid A Google Penalty


Google has made it possible for anyone to take advantage of their SEO services. They have partnered with other firms that have benefited from their help. One major benefit of working with them is the fact that they are very open about their actions and procedures in regards to getting backlinks and AdSense.


The tactics they use in regards to getting backlinks, writing articles, etc. are not always disclosed to their customers and prospective clients, so take a look at the following information to gain insight into what is going on with their service.


When they develop your site and conduct an assessment of it (just like any other SEO company), Google will examine the site for certain keywords. Keywords are terms that Google will use to help them establish the relevance of a particular piece of content.


For example, a website may not necessarily need to contain a keyword such as "sales" to get ranked well in the search engines. However, if you know the search engines take particular care when looking for content that contains a specific term, then you may be able to use it to get a boost in ranking.


If your site does not contain keywords related to what you offer, you may find your page is placed at the bottom of the list that appears when someone is searching for information related to the topic. This is also called the "blacklist".


But it can also mean that a blacklisted website can have a Google Penalty, which could be an algorithmic penalty or a manual penalty. An algorithmic Google penalty means that the algorithm found something that violates its guidelines--so their algorithm detected the problem and essentially gave the penalty to the website without a human giving the penalty to the website. A manual action, a Google manual penalty means that someone at Google reviewed the issue and assigned a penalty to the website. The manual actions must be fixed, a reconsideration request must be requested by the website owner. Then, someone from Google must remove the penalty.


Some SEO consultants and SEO agencies offer a Google Penalty Recovery Service. They will review the website, review the penalty or manual action, and help the website owner remove the penalty or get the manual action removed or revoked.


The blacklisted site will not appear in the search engine results. This means that the rankings of the site may not improve with time and that your site could end up seeing its position diminish.


As long as there is no keyword on your site that is already listed in the blacklisted list, you may be offered a "buy-link" to place on your new page. Once this is done, you can use the URL to post your new page to the SERPs.


Once you place a Google AdSense code on your page, you can promote your site on other sites that will place your link in their content. You will find many places that will allow you to place links without creating another webpage.


Because the Google program allows companies to post as many links as they want, many companies employ SEO services to place the word "Sponsored Links" on their pages. Although the term "sponsored links" may seem like an oxymoron, this is not necessarily the case.


In this instance, the link goes back to the site that is providing the link, meaning the company receives credit for the use of certain key words or phrases. You can be assured that they have not been paid anything to do this and have nothing to worry about.


SEO is very popular because it gives business owners another way to obtain more traffic. Many sites receive a boost in traffic by using this service, which is very beneficial to the owner of the site. But if you do it too aggressively, while SEO can help, it can also hurt a business as well if the website receives a Google penalty.


Since they have to manage so many different websites, companies find that SEO is very helpful in promoting their websites. If your site generates good results and you find it gets a good number of visitors, you may want to consider the SEO services that they offer to help maintain your rankings.