SEO Audits - Improve Traffic and Conversion Rates


A website audit, commonly referred to as an SEO Audit, will help to determine whether the content and design of a site can be improved to increase traffic and conversions. Some of the questions you might be asking yourself include:


Does my website have enough value to justify the time it takes to develop and maintain it? How can I make it more valuable? Does the audience for my website compare to my target audience?


Before you begin, it is important to have an outline of what will be covered in the audit. There are some things that might be included in the audit but these should not be considered the final product of the audit.


The most basic SEO Audit will include looking at the internal organization of the website. The audit will consider the functionality of the website, how it works as a whole, and what functions are the most important. This will give you a good idea of what you have and what you need to improve. It will also allow you to identify areas where you can use improvements to maximize your potential as a business.


A technical SEO Audit will also consider how easy navigation is on the website. Many businesses have trouble with this aspect because they do not have a great deal of time to devote to it. If they find that they have a difficult time finding the content they want then they will likely leave the website without ever signing up for anything. By making the information available right from the beginning, it will be easier for them to browse and will be easier for them to buy from them later.


Content management is something that many businesses struggle with. Although content management and designing seem to be two separate things, they are related. You should ask yourself if your website has enough content to warrant its own section of the website. You may also be needing to include the same content in several different areas.


Ensure that the content on your website is of high quality. You may not be able to change the content that is already there, but you can change the way it is presented. Consider hiring a freelance writer to write articles that have links back to your website.


Ensure that your site is updated on a regular basis. Some of the current issues that could make it difficult for your visitors to navigate your website include pop ups, advertisements, ads on the side of the page, and flash videos that require closing the window. If you offer free trials, ensure that the free trials are worth your customers' time.


You may be surprised at the number of companies that offer free SEO Audits. The larger companies will also offer a free basic SEO Audit and then have a minimum guarantee and free upgrades available. They may choose to offer a free SEO Audit, but it’s not really an SEO audit. It’s just a review of your website.


You should ensure that your site is easy to access. This means that your website should be easy to search, and also easy to navigate. Your website should provide all of the information a visitor needs right from the beginning. If your website is difficult to navigate, then you will lose customers to other websites that are easy to navigate.


Keep the content fresh. A quality website will be updated every day. If you have a website that is changing frequently, then it will be difficult for visitors to view your information. You may find that you have to hire an SEO company to keep your site current with the changing trends in the industry.


An SEO Audit can help you determine whether or not you need to do any changes to your website. There are many parts of the website that are undervalued and therefore need to be improved.