SEO Basics - Understanding Backlinks


Many people are learning the basics of online marketing and have no idea what backlinks are or how they are included in search engine optimization. In fact, they believe backlinks are useless. What many people do not realize is that backlinks are a very important aspect of online marketing. And then there are Negative SEO backlinks that can hurt a website’s online marketing.


This article will explain what backlinks are and how SEO consultants use them to increase rankings on major search engines. If you have not already read this article, please read it before continuing with your search engine optimization business.


A backlink is simply a site that another site links to in order to promote their own web presence. Backlinks are one of the easiest ways to improve rankings quickly. Then, there are also backlinks that are redirect links.


Because of the high rankings that these types of backlinks give to any website, many search engines are now creating methods for these types of links to be counted as "organic" instead of "paid". This is why many website owners think that the only type of backlinks that count are those given by companies who pay for them. The truth is that these types of backlinks can still be counted as "organic".


You will want to start off by writing articles on a search engine related topic that relate to your niche. These types of articles are easy to write and should contain content that is not only interesting but that has substance. You want to include valuable keywords throughout the article and then place those keywords in the title, around the first paragraph and at the end of the article.


The backlinks that the website owner places in their article is called a "dead link". These types of backlinks are supposed to be something that search engines look for when they do a search for the same keyword phrase. The search engines want to find out what other websites are linking to the new site.


Backlinks can also be included in your signature file so that whenever a user sees it on your website they can know that you are related to their search query. By including the word "sponsored" in your signature file, you allow other website owners to link back to your site and benefit from the backlinks that you have provided.


What's good about backlinks is that they can be posted without paying for them, even on low traffic websites like blog sites and social media pages. Search engines love these types of backlinks because they drive traffic and are good for ranking a website. As long as you follow proper SEO techniques to get these types of backlinks, you will be doing well.


Although the vast majority of people believe that all backlinks are the same, there are actually different types of backlinks. The following are the most common types of backlinks:


Anchor text backlinks are the simplest and best. This type of backlink is posted to your website without placing any value to the new site. The person submitting the link to your website will place no value to the site they are linking to.


Hyperlinks are links that are placed inside of the content of a webpage with relevant keyword information. These types of backlinks are usually used in articles that have an author resource box or author bio box.


In the end, search engines really like backlinks. They need to know where a link was placed. They will count them as organic if you have them submitted properly.