What Does a Link Audit Involve?


In the world of SEO, a link audit is a very important aspect. Link audit is defined as the examination of the links from a page to another page.


Link audit should be conducted by a professional and trained individual. This can be done manually but one should keep in mind that there are a lot of other factors that would need to be considered if one tries to undertake the link audit on his own. The common forms of link audit include a number of links, consistency, authority, density and others.


Link audit does not indicate all that is wrong about the content of a website. Link audit is merely a technical process that would determine the quality of the links from the original page to the other pages. It is an act of quality control that can be applied to both the pages from the same domain or different domains. Each link counts when you search for information and this is something that should be taken into consideration.


Quality is one of the aspects that should be kept in mind when linking to other sites. Of course, you do not want to get a site banned but at the same time, you do not want a site with a poor link status to crawl up your rankings. If a site with low quality link status is a part of your SEO strategy, it would definitely get penalized and ultimately would not be ranked at all. A better way would be to have links to high authority sites that will help to boost your ranking.


A Link audit also entails your link quality, the number of backlinks pointing to your site, and the density of those links. It is of great importance to make sure that your backlinks are linked only to high quality sites.


Another aspect that should be kept in mind when performing link audit is the relevance of the links. If the link is related to the content of the page then it is said to be relevant. It is possible to link to the same page more than once if the relevance is high.


When it comes to anchor text, both anchor text and title must be appropriate. Anchor text should be relevant, the title of the page should be important and interesting and anchor text should not contain misspellings.


The quality of the link audit process is really important, as there are a lot of things that could be left out. The links that are checked for relevance are only the links that come from the original site to the other pages and are not the links that link from the original site to the other pages in your site.


In order to perform link audit properly, you should be sure that your site has a high page rank and is updated with new content. After that, you should perform link audit as you do not want to get penalized for having duplicate content.


In SEO, search engines read the content that they have on a site and determine what is really happening on that site. They rely on the quality of links for that purpose. This is why link audit is crucial.


SEO firms and search engine optimization companies tend to perform link audit only after the content has been written and they are sure that it meets all the requirements of the SEO industry. Because of this, a link audit should be performed by an SEO consultant who is really ready to test the quality of links.


With this in mind, a link audit is a very important part of any site or product that is related to SEO. When you want to make your SEO campaign successful, the link audit is something that you cannot afford to leave to chance.