Advantages and disadvantages of medical marijuana

Medical marijuana is legal in countries like Portugal, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Italy, Australia, Belgium, Israel, Switzerland, Thailand, as well as many US states and a significant number of South American countries. The effects of legalization are the aftermath of the growing awareness of the benefits of medical marijuana.

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Improving the functioning of the body

Medical marijuana can fight, regulate and / or prevent many diseases and disorders. Scientific research shows that marijuana can really cure many diseases. Scientific research around the world confirms the effectiveness of marijuana, its healing effect is huge. Marijuana can help restore your digestive system to normal and improve your metabolism. The plant has been shown to regulate insulin production and help the body effectively manage daily caloric intake. This can help you fight anxiety and depression.
In fact, marijuana is many times safer than alcohol and tobacco. It stimulates mental creativity and helps to focus. Medicinal marijuana can boost creativity and help people stay focused on their work.

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Arguments Against Marijuana

There are several negative aspects to using marijuana. Above all, some experts fear that it may become an "entry drug," that is, one that may lead to the use of other substances as well as induce mental disorders and reduce the intelligence of adolescents. Among the negative consequences of cannabis use, doctors also note anxiety and paranoia, and warn against tobacco use. Bernard Lee Fall, a specialist at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, which is one of the leading research organizations in this area, noted that while their center supports the legalization of marijuana, he is personally concerned that the public is not getting enough information about the risks. related to the use of this medicine.