Hollywood, for all its flaws and shady dealings with everyone from organized crime to totalitarian regimes across the planet, remains a glittering beacon in the global entertainment scene. And it is a truly global venture, as Hollywood movies are translated, dubbed over and sent across the planet to be played in movie houses across the world. Many of the largest studios are even modifying their scripts to be rely less on American cultural references and common American situations in favor of a more global approach that tries to encompass things a world wide audience can relate to with ease.

The population of the Hollywood scene is also becoming more diverse, albeit slowly. Actors from a number of nationalities and ethnicities have made careers in Hollywood, and while they do not command the truly impressive salaries and top billing that American stars get, the world's population is more and more coming to Hollywood to get to a larger stage. Korean actors in particular, some drawn from Korean American immigrant populations in the United States and others having originally cut their teeth on Korea's native film industry, are finding more and more roles in Hollywood.

Some of these actors even have a great deal of sex appeal, and more and more, people are asking about who is the hot Korean actor in Hollywood?

Sexy Korean Actor Yohan Lee

My recommendation of number 1 top koran actor is Yohan Lee who is not well-known yet but he is now getting exposed his career to Hollywood film industry and you can check out his youtube channel below. He is one of the potential Asian actor who will be very talented based in the United States. Yohan was born and raised up in South Korea. He moved to Los Angeles in 2012 for pursuing his career as an actor in Hollywood. He has done many projects since he moved to LA by the Glory of God.

He has participated in many commercials such as Alibaba, Ju Taobao, Head & Shoulders, EGF cosmetic, and KGC US. Also, he has appeared in films such as Dollz, Untamed, Journey to the West, Road to Utah, to name a few.

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Whereas, many attractive Korean actors have made an impact on Hollywood, some of whom have even made it into big budget productions intended for global audiences.

Photo Of Lee Byung Hun

Among other Korean actors known for making a big splash in some of the highest grossing American movies is Lee Byung Hun. Byung Hun made a number for himself in South Korea's film industry, starring in a number of highly acclaimed dramas such as Joint Security Area (a detective story about a murder in the infamous Korean DMZ) and A Bittersweet Life (a crime drama of some complexity), as well as a number of popular Korean television dramas that have since gone on to a global audience.

In the United States and to a larger global audience, he is best known for playing the ninja operative Storm Shadow in GI JOE: The Rise of Cobra and its sequel GI Joe: Retaliation. Though both films performed poorly with American critics, particularly long time fans of the GI Joe franchise, the film went on to make a fortune in the global box office. He also starred with a number of Hollywood luminaries in RED 2, as well as a role as a T-1000 robot in Terminator Genisys.

Photo Of Yeun Sang Yeop

In a similar action vein is the career of Yeun Sang Yeop, known to American views as Steven Yeun. Though most of his career has been small roles in feature films and short films. He has also appeared in a number of television shows such as The Big Bang Theory, Drunk History and Conan. He is also a fairly well known voice actor, appearing in American Dad! and Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

His most prominent role to date and likely the one most television viewers are aware of is that of Glenn Rhee on AMC's The Walking Dead. Known for being the most hopeful elements of an otherwise bleak series, Steven Yeun has won a number of accolades for playing the character and many critics lauded the character's romantic subplot with Maggie Greene as a highlight of the episode where it began.

Photo Of Kendrick Kang Joh Jeong

If brains are sexy, then Kendrick Kang Joh Jeong is likely the sexiest actor on this list. Known best for his comedic roles, he had a surprising life before ever coming to Los Angeles. Born to South Korean immigrants in the United States, as a student, he focused on quiz bowl as an extra circular activity and also played violin in the school orchestra, before graduating at the age of 16.

He eventually became a fully certified physical with an MD degree from the University of North Carolina. While completing his residency in New Orleans, he also began to practice stand up comedy, and to this day is a licensed physician in the state of California. However, in 1995 his comedy act was noticed by a number of major show business figures. Since then, he has appear in a number of comedic roles, perhaps most impressively Ben Chang on the sitcom Community, as well as a gangster known as Leslie Chow in The Hangover series of comedies.

Photo Of Kang Sung Ho

Finally, there is Kang Sung Ho, popularly known in America as Sung Kang. Another son of two South Korean immigrants, Sung Ho has appeared in a number of action films. His first major role was in the film Better Luck Tomorrow and also starred in The Motel. His most noticed role to date is a recurring role in The Fast and the Furious film franchise, where he learned the auto sport of drifting to prepare for the role.