Home Inspection Guide: How to Avoid Home Inspectors Not Meeting USP Standards

A good real estate agent is a great asset when it comes to making the sale of your home, but not if the home inspector doesn't like it. It is really annoying when you find out that a home inspector is not impressed with the home that you have put on the market and has found numerous flaws that need to be repaired. You can avoid such a scenario by taking advantage of the protections provided by the Uniform Standards of Professional Practice (USP) for home inspection.

Every state in the United States requires licensed home inspectors to use the codes listed in the USP, including coverage of things such as overhead lighting, bathroom drainage, exterior finishes, and more. The USP is the list of standards that a home inspector should follow when inspecting a home.

If you have purchased a home and your real estate agent to discover that the inspector has not used the standards, the best way to deal with the situation is to just ignore the inspector. Your real estate agent will usually tell you to hire a new one or to give the seller a break on a commission and go with another inspector.

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Even though your real estate agent may tell you that it isn't their problem, the real estate agent cannot do anything about it. They cannot prevent the inspector from using the guidelines when inspecting your home. However, they can explain that they are contacting a professional to inspect the home, and this inspector is also from a company that meets or exceeds the standards that the USP lists.

A good real estate agent who is genuinely concerned about your home's condition will then explain to you that a qualified inspector will visit your home on several occasions before it is listed for sale. This inspector will visit your home and make notes of what was found and whether the problem needs to be repaired or if the home is ready for the market.

In addition, the inspector will take the time to determine what the best course of action would be for your situation. For example, it could be that it will be necessary to tear down parts of the home and have all of the rooms redone, or you could have to add new fixtures and carpeting to your kitchen and bathroom.

When the inspector is finished with your home, the real estate agent can go back to the inspector and ask that he or she send someone else out to check out your home. In most cases, this inspection will cost you less than the replacement of the whole house, but it will be done with your permission.

After the new inspector has gone through your home, the real estate agent can then go ahead and list the home for sale. This sale should be on the same day or shortly thereafter.

If you have not hired a real estate agent, you will want to let them know about the problem. They should be able to contact the inspector and ask that the inspection be stopped.

There are a number of times when an inspector will not be able to finish the job and will have to stop. If this happens, the real estate agent should give you the chance to get another inspector.

The real estate agent is not required to pay a contractor for the extra inspection, but he or she may do so if you ask. This is often called a courtesy inspection and in many cases it is appreciated by the seller and is often unnecessary.

This advice will help you avoid a lot of heartache when it comes to your home inspection. If you are not comfortable with the home inspector that you are using, find another one.

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