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Medical marijuana use has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. The state support and approval have helped the growth of medical-grade marijuana use. Medical marijuana Dispensaries service the patients with marijuana for treatments on proper prescriptions. There exists a plethora of documented evidence exploring the healing power of marijuana in treating various ailments, significant and tiny. On the back of the encouraging trends, the number of medical-grade marijuana dispensaries is on the rise. The medical marijuana industry jumped almost 70 percent in 2020. The jump observed hitherto is directly associated with the increased support for the legalization of marijuana. In 2020, an overwhelming majority of 68% of the percent US population supported the legalization drive. The statistics only get better for the actual business owners as the positive trend surrounding medical-grade marijuana has reaped $61 billion in 2020 alone. Almost 12 percent of the population in the US are active or current users of medical-grade marijuana, according to a marijuana dispensaries survey As per the recent statistics on medical-grade marijuana use, the number of women new users outnumbers the new male users. The statistics are interesting as women are more careful and cautious in general. 




Michigan State is among the top 10 for medical-grade marijuana dispensaries, and Detroit city is the most populous in the state. The city has recently approved the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. The positive development in the city and state has complemented the medical marijuana industry in the regions. Currently, there exist several medical marijuana dispensaries that serve world-class marijuana. The dispensaries offer an excellent variety of products and services relative to medical-grade marijuana. The product profile range comprises an extensive selection of different flowers, concentrates, edibles, CBD, and other products. The dispensaries have knowledgeable sales staff, budtenders that provide excellent and in-depth consultation so the customers can make a well-educated purchase. Dispensaries in Detroit demonstrate a high level of passion, craftsmanship in developing medical-grade marijuana products with different forms and flavor profiles complimenting and encouraging the growing medical-grade marijuana awareness and trends.


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Medical grade and recreational marijuana use are rapidly growing in the US. The trends show that marijuana users have doubled in the past half-decade and maintained so for a few years. The current pandemic crisis and lockdown have resulted in the increased use of marijuana, adding to the new consumer base. Interestingly, in the past two years, the number of women new marijuana consumers has outnumbered the male counterpart. The medical-grade marijuana dispensaries confirmed the trend. The increase in marijuana use trend is loosely proportional to the rise in the medical-grade marijuana dispensaries in the US, specifically California. New users can easily search for “Dispensaries Near Me” to locate one that best suits their requirements. It is crucial to select the right cannabis from the ones available at the medical-grade marijuana dispensaries. Not every product is as beneficial. Therefore high emphasis must be on choosing the right cannabis and products. The high levels of CBD or THC percent can many times be misleading. When it comes to medical-grade marijuana flower (MMJ) many new users fall for the high THC levels.




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According to the statistics, 14 percent of US consumers use CBD products. The change in preferences of THC among US consumers is attached to various reasons. For example, in the classic case of product substitution, the sales drop of vapes resulted in a rise of edibles sales by 25 percent. The reason for the change of preferences was the possible respiratory illness because of vaping.  The federally legal categorization of CBD has helped its growth since 2018. While CBD is growing, almost 35 percent of US adults are still unaware of the CBD. The percentage increases with the rise in age demography. The increased number of Dispensaries Detriot has also contributed to the growing awareness and sales of CBD. As per the marijuana product sale trends for 2020, the vaporizers are most popular among the population. The second most popular product category is the flower. The flower has multipurpose use. 


Hence, it is highly desirable among medical-grade marijuana new consumers. The third product is the pre-rolls. The pre-rolls sales are more or less proportional to the flower. Generally, the rolls use the flower as fillers to make the final product. The rolls are smoked in a certain quantity to extract the desired effect. The fourth product highly purchased at the dispensaries is the accessories. Accessories are necessary to handle marijuana effectively. .Edible marijuana sales have steadily increased in the past year. Edible marijuana is available at all dispensaries in various product forms. However, chocolate and gummies are well known. The advantage of marijuana edibles is the easy control over the quantity. Other popular edibles are capsules, bites, licorice, hard sweets, drinks, and cookies. In the recent survey, marijuana gummies have consistently topped the popularity and preferences chart. 


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