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Do you know how important it is for your Web Development to match the needs of the target audience? According to research conducted by ComScore, an Internet measurement company, only 4.5 percent of all web surfers visit websites based on search criteria. These users typically look for a website's design and features, rather than the particular information being offered on the site. 20 percent of consumers say that the appearance of a website is important when choosing which ones to frequent. Compare that to the more than half who considered the design of the website important and the same percentage who felt that the ease of use was a factor in choosing a website. Clearly, website design is a very important consideration that must be considered if you want your website to rank higher on search engine results pages.




When it comes to website design, another benefit is that it can help you build brand awareness for your business. According to WebTrust, a leading website analytics company, when it comes to page views, the older the audience, the more that it matters. Therefore, for businesses that are trying to engage customers, it is important that they build brand awareness early, in order to turn those visitors into qualified leads. For example, if you are starting a website about pet care and you include some animal pictures, then people who find those images on your site may be more likely to purchase services or products from you than visitors who come in for other purposes. For this reason, it is important that you build brand awareness early on with your websites to make sure that you are getting a good first impression with your potential customers.



Web Design


Web Design is important because websites started competing for attention with other sites. The very first Web sites, beginning in 1991, were not designed in the standard, designer-speak way of thinking about design. Instead, these early Web sites were built using simple HTML, with little or no markup. But as the Web started to become more widely used over the mid-nineties, even the smallest layouts began to matter a lot.With the advent of Flash and other client-side technologies, and with the increase in "flat" designs that were easier to create on the web, a new set of considerations arose. While the earlier web experiences were more "cards" that displayed pre-designed elements, users' attention was drawn more toward the visual design of the site, resulting in less engagement with the underlying coding. In response to this, designers started to think more about usability and the "typography" of the site. This new perspective created a new set of terminology, which we call the typography "look" of the web design. By thinking in terms of this new typography "look," web designers started to look at how certain types of visual design would enhance user experience and thus improve sales.



Website Design


Website Design is the creative construction and management of sites; it is the behind-the-scenes work that occurs behind the scenes in order to make a site look good, perform well and work efficiently with an intuitive user interface. Web designers are in high demand both internationally and well compensated for their web development skills. There are many companies, both large and small offering web design projects throughout the world. Some of these companies have been around for many years and have a long-establishedestablished reputation, while others are relatively new and just starting out.In today s market there are many options available when considering web development, and most larger corporations will hire several programmers or developers to build specific websites for their company. 



The end user will often need to interact with this company's website; this interaction can take the form of email, regular browsing, or perhaps just viewing certain pages of information that are of interest to the end user. Many times, the end user may be purchasing a product through the company's website, which means they will require web development professionals who are proficient in creating user interfaces in a manner which will allow the end user to interact with the company's website easily. Often these web development professionals will be required to use specialized programming languages such as JavaScript or HTML for these complex tasks.


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