Fix It! Grammar books

Grammar Curriculum Made Easy

In the Fix It! Grammar language arts and grammar curriculum, students internalize the rules instead of just memorizing them. That’s because Fix It! Grammar encourages students to critically analyze an ongoing story by searching for and fixing embedded errors, and in the process, the students begin to carry the knowledge of accurate punctuation and correct grammar more easily into their own compositions.

Grammar guide

Learn It! Students learn grammar and punctuation concepts.
Read It! Students read the daily passage and define new vocabulary words.
Mark It! Students label the passage using the guide at the top of the page.
Fix It! Students apply new and previously learned concepts to correct the passage.
Rewrite It! Students copy the corrected passage, eventually rewriting the complete story!

Effective in Any Educational Setting

  • Homeschool grammar lessons
  • School and hybrid school grammar lessons
  • Tutoring centers

Grammar Curriculum for All Ages

Elementary School Grammar Curriculum

Level 1 Nose Tree presumes no prior grammar knowledge and introduces basic parts of speech, end-mark punctuation, phrases, clauses, homophones, and more. Click here for sample pages.

Level 2 Town Mouse and Country Mouse continues defining parts of speech, explains basic comma and capitalization rules, introduces complex sentence patterns, and more. Click here for sample pages.

Middle School Grammar Curriculum

Level 3 Robin Hood refines concepts taught in previous levels and explains additional comma rules, various phrasal/clausal constructions, quotation punctuation, indefinite/demonstrative/reflexive pronouns, and more. Click here for sample pages.

Level 4 Mowgli and Shere Khan builds on concepts taught in previous levels and presents a thorough explanation of additional punctuation rules, essential/nonessential clauses, complex sentence patterns, transitional prepositional openers, and more. Click here for sample pages.

High School Grammar Curriculum

Level 5 Frog Prince reinforces information taught in prior books while introducing and discussing advanced grammatical concepts related to verb types, noun functions, and pronoun cases. There is also an emphasis on the grammatical jobs of specific clauses and phrases. Click here for sample pages.

Level 6 Little Mermaid continues to build on concepts taught in the previous books and explains advanced grammatical items including invisible #4 and past participle openers, transitions, conjunctive adverbs, verbals, active/passive voice, parallelism, and advanced punctuation. Sample pages will be available this fall.

Fix It! Grammar Cards

Content from the Teacher’s Manual Fix It! Grammar Glossary has been beautifully designed in thirty full-color cards that highlight key grammar concepts for review and quick, easy reference. A digital list is also provided for grammar activities and games useful for drills and review.

To place your student in Fix It! Grammar, review the book descriptions and the sample pages. Students with little or no grammar background should begin in Level 1 regardless of their age.