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As your tested and trusted Criminal Lawyer, you can rest easy knowing that we take on all forms of DUI cases whether it is your first time getting arrested or subsequent times.In addition to representing you in DUI cases, we also have a team of attorneys on the ground and ready to take on all cases bordering on;- Marijuana possession – if you have been arrested with marijuana on your person, you need an attorney that is familiar with marijuana charges and has represented countless clients in such cases as this.- Domestic violence – arrested on account of domestic violence complaints and/or charges? Rest assured that our criminal lawyers are ready to represent you and get you the desired outcome.- Possession of dangerous drugs – a criminal conviction for drug charges can be steep. Let us help you with one of the best legal representations towards getting the case dismissed, taking a plea deal, or arriving at a lenient penalty.

 We also represent clients in a wide range of other criminal charges including shoplifting, disorderly conduct, juvenile crimes, criminal speeding, possession of narcotic drugs, and more.Our attorneys push to get the best result in each case we handle. We are focused on getting one or a combination of the following outcomes;- Reduced charges- Dropped charges and cases- Lessened penalties- Probation, fines, and classes instead of jail time. we offer visa help and other related services aimed at helping you bring your loved ones to America. We help with K1 and K3 visas, victims visas, and more.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a serious offense that has put many people behind bars and in some cases, some have found their futures tainted with the criminal record. When you are facing a criminal charge like DUI, you need a competent Criminal Defense Lawyer to stand guard for you and make sure that you get the best legal help.Immigrants in the United States often run into problems that can complicate their lives. Added to this, in some cases, immigrants may require legal help to carry out certain actions or require legal advice regarding their status.In all of these, immigrants deserve a qualified, reliable, and accessible immigration lawyer that understands their current situation and is open to providing the full legal help needed to navigate such problems.At JacksonWhite Law, we understand that immigrants are part of the population that makes the United States great and this is why we offer immigration law services to the members of our community.When you come to us, you can rest easy knowing that our attorneys are passionate and real. We know that certain situations may cause you to worry but we make sure that all of these issues are addressed in detail.We offer immigration law services for a wide range of needs including;Waivers – we help you to learn how to get assistance with issues relating to waivers for unlawful presence and other related issues.Deportation defense – are you faced with a deportation threat and in search of an attorney to stand in line for you? we have just the right attorneys for you to work with.


        DUI Lawyer

The team at JacksonWhite Law does not only consist of a reputable and experienced Dui Lawyer. We have over the years broadened our service to ensure that we offer you and the entire community the legal support needed when they are involved in accidents caused by another person’s negligence.We have a team of personal injury lawyers who are always ready to take on new cases, evaluate it, and determine whether there is a claims issue to be pursued or not.We understand the plight of accident victims and this is why we make sure that as your personal injury attorney, you will be offered the full legal support you need.Whether you are held up at home or at the hospital, we can come to you to meet with you. Our attorneys offer a free initial consultation and case review service aimed at relieving the financial pressure that you are already under due to the medical bills incurred on the injury.We help you to determine liability and based on that, we gather all the needed evidence to prove your injury and back up your claim. Our attorneys will carry you along through the entire process, making sure that you remain updated at all times.

We offer a contingency fee service that further takes the pressure of legal fees off your shoulders until we win compensation for the damages you suffered.We represent clients in a wide range of personal injury cases including all types of car accidents including T-Bone, head-on collision, tailgating, side-impact collision, and more. Added to this, we also offer full legal help in premises liability cases, slip and fall accidents, wrongful death cases, truck accident cases, motorcycle accident cases, nursing home abuse, and more.Come to us today and rest easy knowing that you will be well-attended to.

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