Jeff Lenney Will Give A Comprehensive Review About The Knowledge Business Blueprint & Mindmint Software

Jeff Lenney Will Give A Comprehensive Review About The Knowledge Business Blueprint & Mindmint Software

Jeff Lenney, from will give a comprehensive review of The Knowledge Business Blueprint review & Mindmint Software. Its primary goal is to help people find valuable information about the product. The review will tackle the upcoming product launch of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

This product launch is said to be the first-ever gold standard course and software that is designed to teach people how to fill, create, run as well as profit from virtual, high impact or in-person masterminds. The said product will be launched on April 30, 2019, and the invite start date will be on April 19, 2019. The product is considered a world-class combination of education and software that is new and one of a kind.

The Knowledge Business Blueprint will be paired with Mindmint Software that enables a person to begin a highly successful mastermind like what by Tony and Dean have been doing for several years. The product has no competition at all, meaning they are the first to do this. The course will show individuals how to extract systematically what they know. The software will also automatically create an agenda for more powerful mastermind either virtual or in person.

The said product is also expected to provide people with tested and proven marketing techniques to get paid, fill the seats, and do it all over again. The software and course will also offer proven tools and walk them step by step with the procedure of running their mastermind. It will deliver an unforgettable experience so individuals will keep on paying them year after year.

It will also show people how to facilitate a mastermind for someone else. The Knowledge Business Blueprint+ Mindmint will eliminate the complexity of running a mastermind. The said product will help people to fill an event, extract their knowledge, and make sure that it will smoothly run to attain a big profit. The software will handle all the logistics. Tony and Dean spent $500k on the software to make successful mastermind easily.

On April 30, 2019, Dean and Tony will conduct a LIVE online training to teach individuals on creating profitable masterminds on their own or partner with someone to run it for them. At the end of training, they will offer $2000 course known as The Knowledge Business Blueprint with a year subscription for the Mindmint Software. The package also includes amazing bonuses that Tony and Dean will give for free as clients will enroll in their comprehensive course.


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