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When you call on us to offer you Court Reporters, we make sure that you have access to the best of the best reporters on our team. Our company has over the years enjoyed several accolades from clients who have built a longstanding relationship with us based on the quality of services that we render.When you choose our Court Reporting service, rest easy knowing that it has been tailored to meet your needs including depositions, trials, hearings, arbitrations, conventions, meetings, round-table discussions, technical symposia, verbatim records or real time text displays.Our full range of Court Reporting Services include;We offer emergency hearing and last-minute deposition coverage. Contact us for all of your urgent legal transcript requests and we will make sure that your needs are expedited appropriately. We offer international Court Reporting Services and we are available 24/7.

We boast of an internet transcript repository that allows you access to transcripts as many times as possible and from anywhere in the world. Added to this, we also offer you the full-sized and condensed deposition or hearing transcript to match your needs. You can also enjoy as many as 8 transcript pages per sheep and transcript keyword index to help you with better navigation.We also offer additional services like centralized scheduling, billing, and archiving Court Reporting interpreters and translation services, corporate legal services department, and more.




Court Reporting


At Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe Court Reporters of West Palm Beach, we have over the years worked on ways to ensure that professionals in the legal world get the best Court Reporters to work with. We make this possible by ensuring that they have access to the best selection of Court Reporters in West Palm Beach, FL, and across the United States.Having perfected our approach to Court Reporting, we have gone ahead to expand the services that we offer with the aim to better meet your legal needs.As part of the Court Reporting Services that we offer, lawyers, insurance companies, and other professionals can now take advantage of our video Court Reporting Services. We leverage the use of the latest technology to ensure that you have access to the best services.As part of the video deposition Court Reporting service that we offer, you can take advantage of the following;At Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe Court Reporters of West Palm Beach, we offer video deposition teleconferencing facilities that are powered by stable and secure internet connections. With this service, a deponent can be across the world and also be able to participate in a deposition proceeding. You do not have to spend huge money on traveling when our service has been tested and trusted by many over the years.we have a team of videographers that are available for courtroom playback of any deposition at any time. Rest assured that we also offer real-time editing services and we are capable of removing specific portions of the testimony to be withheld from the jury.Additional services that we offer include real-time transcription service and all forms of litigation support services.



Court Reporting Services


When it comes to handling legal issues, at Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe Court As the leading Court Reporting company in West Palm Beach, FL, and across the United States, we have grown our Court Reporting Services to such lengths that we now offer litigation and trial support services to our clients.At Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe Court Reporters of West Palm Beach, we make sure that everything you need in terms of legal support to win a litigation case is provided for you. With over 15 years of experience in the field, we have been able to develop our services such that you will have everything needed to win the case at hand.When you hire us at Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe Court Reporters of West Palm Beach, rest easy knowing that we not only offer you the best Court Reporters to work with. We have over the years grown from being a local business to a national company and we have also scaled up our company to offer professionals in the legal field additional services that make their jobs a lot easier.As the leading Court Reporting company, we have branched out to offer litigation support services like video deposition Court Reporting service. With this service in place, we have made sure that you will not need to risk your safety as well as huge expenditure on traveling from one place to another.


When you choose to work with us as the trusted provider of Court Reporting Services in the area, we make sure that you are exposed to the latest in terms of technology and attention to detail. Our team ensures that you have access to fast transcripts of depositions and other meetings we have offered our services for.We take things to the next level by ensuring that you have access to our 24 hours online platform that allows you secure access to documents from anywhere in the world. With our online platform active at all times of the day and night, you can rest easy knowing that collaboration with team members has become possible. added to this, the confidentiality of the document and its content remain guaranteed.


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