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What is an estate Planning Lawyer? An estate-planning lawyer is exactly what it sounds like: a lawyer who deals with planning estate matters. In broad terms, an estate planning lawyer may also be called an estate-planning attorney, planning attorney, or probate attorney. In terms of state-mandated licensing requirements, an estate-planning attorney is no different than an estate-planning attorney or probate attorney who focuses on distribution of assets during the life of a person who has died.Why is the estate plan so important? An estate plan is designed to ensure that all beneficiaries of a deceased person (the client) receives what they are entitled to, including the proper tax treatments of the assets they are to receive upon the client's death. Without an estate plan, those who receive the assets would not have the appropriate legal and financial safeguards to ensure that they receive what they are entitled to. Even if you have your affairs in order, if you do not have a plan in place, there is a very good chance that you will not have the necessary safeguards in place to protect your interests should something happen to you or your loved ones, such as disability, illness, or even economic incapacitation. This is why it is so important for anyone who is planning to hire a professional estate planning lawyer to make sure that their plan is executed correctly and in the right manner, in order to prevent any unneeded concerns or arguments down the road.






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If you are planning to dispose of your property because of an accident or natural disaster, you might want to consider getting an estate planning attorney to help you. Lawyers who specialize in personal injury or divorce cases probably know how best to deal with divorce or other civil matters. You might also want to use an estate planning attorney if you are contemplating having a person - such as a spouse or sibling - continue to receive monetary benefits from your property after you die. If your estate is already in place and your surviving spouse and dependent children do not want to continue to receive money from it, an estate planning attorney can advise you on how to transfer the remaining assets so that you and your dependents do not become financially vulnerable.Estate planning law is the part of estate planning that deals with the rest of the assets of a deceased person. It is important that anyone who is going through a divorce or considering a separation from a spouse understand how estate plans and trusts work. An estate planning attorney can help you fill out the appropriate forms and get the proper documentation needed to execute your will. Estate planning attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to assist clients who are about to undergo legal proceedings, or who have questions about existing wills or trusts.Estate Planning Attorney are also good lawyers to have on your side if you are charged with embezzling retirement or pension funds, fraudulently attempting to obtain insurance benefits or even tax evasion.



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Probate law is the part of estate law that involves the administration of a deceased person's property after his or her death. If there's no last will then intestate succession takes place. Probate involves many complicated issues, including who gets what, when to get it, how to administer it, what happens to it once it is dispensed, and so on. These issues must be settled by competent, experienced attorneys who are well-versed in probate law. An experienced attorney will know all the technicalities and legal maneuvers that can affect your loved one's estate.A Probate Attorney is very important not only for the continuity of your loved ones' life but also for your peace of mind as well. The probate process is tedious, time consuming and expensive, which may make it difficult for you to spend too much time with your family or alone, especially if you have a job and/or kids to juggle with. Probate attorneys help in all matters of estate planning, which include preparing financial probate statements, distributing inheritance property, executing wills, making distribution of inheritance property, settling probate disputes, distributing payment to creditors, dealing with outstanding debts, settling marital issues, and even defending a loved one's personal property from a creditor's adverse judgment.


One of the most important tasks of a probate attorney is to make sure that your loved one's wishes are carried out, even if the situation makes other people unwilling to cooperate with them. Your attorney will make sure to contact all necessary parties involved, explain your client's situation, and determine which method would serve the best long term interests of your client. They can also make sure that the decedent's property is not disposed of improperly. The probate court appoints an agent to administer the decedent's affairs, but the will can also be delegated to another person (i.e., the attorney) to ensure that it goes through the proper channels. In the event of your client's death, the appointed agent is required to turn over the authority to you so that you can take care of the decedent's last wishes, including making sure that his or her assets are properly given to beneficiary(ies).


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