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At Kovarik Law, we are not just your Child Custody Lawyer or your Affordable Divorce Lawyer, but we are also the attorneys to speak to when you find yourself suffering from domestic violence.We understand that domestic violence can take different forms and we are here to protect you by listening to your complaints, weighing the legal options available to you, and making sure that you are presented with truly worthwhile legal advice.We not only offer sound legal advice to our clients but we also make sure that they are educated on how best to protect themselves.As part of the education that we offer to our clients, we help them to seek temporary injunctions that allow them breathing space and away from their abusers. Our preliminary attempt at this injunction will grant the client 2 weeks of a healthy and safe life away from their abusers and then after the period, the court will sit to hear the testimony of both parties. Based on your needs, we can help you to seek the extension of the injunction which grants you an extended period of protection from your abuser while also helping you to better focus on what is important - you and your mental health.In addition to representing you in domestic violence cases, you can also trust us to bring our A-game when it comes to divorce cases of any kind including contested and uncontested divorce cases, at-fault and no-fault divorce cases.


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When it comes to seeking legal representation in family law matters, you need to be on the lookout for an attorney that will address your needs and also give you the attention that you deserve. At Kovarik Law, we are a team of attorneys that put the needs of our clients ahead of every other thing.When you come to us seeking legal help in marital related problems, we make sure that you get access to our top attorney who will listen to your side of the story and help you to better understand the next line of action.When it comes to divorce-related cases, we have for you the best and Affordable Divorce Lawyer who will take on your case as well as demonstrate years of experience to make things work out well for you.We understand that communication is a key part of the attorney-client relationship and this is why we make sure that you are presented with an open line of communication that allows you to discuss your specific needs with our attorneys and also get the best legal advice.We know that sometimes, warring parties need to come together to address some issues in relation to their divorce proceeding. We make this happen by making sure that you are presented with all the help needed to meditate on complex matters thus hastening the process of your divorce proceeding.


We have a team of experienced attorneys on the seat who are ready to work with you to make sure that all of your legal needs are met. We not only represent clients in divorce cases but we also take on cases of Alimony Modification, child custody agreement modification, child support agreement modification, and more.When you come into our law office at Kovarik Law or you place a call through to schedule an appointment, you can rest assured that you will be put through to speak to our lead attorney. Here at Kovarik Law, our focus is on you and your satisfaction and we aim to achieve this from the first moment that you have contacted us.We know that going through issues relating to family law can be emotionally draining and this is why we promise that each one of our clients will be offered the emotional and legal support they need to make the right decisions and take the right legal steps.




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When you chose to work with us, we offer a personalized approach to handling your case, this means that you do not have to worry about a paralegal or an associate overseeing your case, instead, our lead attorney, Mr.Kovarik himself takes on your case and helps you to better understand the facts and how well to proceed. We take on a wide range of family law-related cases including;Are you looking for an Affordable Divorce Lawyer to take on your divorce case and represent you fiercely? Rest assured that at Kovarik Law, we are the attorneys to speak to. We not only have years of experience representing men and women in all kinds of divorce cases but we also make sure that all cases that we handle are given the full backing of our law firm. We take care of clients in contested, uncontested, no-fault, and at-fault divorce cases.Are you at war with your partner on the issue of alimony or Alimony Modification? Rest assured that our attorney has handled several similar cases and we pool our experience to ensure that you are presented with a truly amazing result. You can count on our support at all times.

You can rest easy knowing that as your Affordable Divorce Lawyers, we will take proactive steps to ensure that your interest remains protected in all of this, we also make sure that all assets that are required to be considered under the state’s law, including family-owned businesses, houses, vacation properties, rental properties, and other personal properties will be figured into the estimation to give you the fair share of the marital properties.Added to this, we have a team of Alimony Modification attorneys on the seat who are ready to speak with you to better understand your request and how to approach it so that you can get the best possible outcome.Rest easy knowing that with us, you will be working with a team of attorneys that care about you and the outcome of the case at hand. We also make sure that you are presented with a service that helps you get back on your feet in the aftermath of the case at hand.


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