Analytical laboratory setup


It is important to establish your analytical services and determine the equipment and space requirements when building an analytical lab. This will help you decide the type of instrumentation and computer system you need. To ensure that your facility can perform the required tasks, you will need to consider software and hardware qualifications and standard operating procedures. Once you have identified these elements, you can start planning and budgeting for the project.

A lab must be ergonomically and safely set up for its workers. It must also have the appropriate equipment for sterilization or disinfection. Moreover, lab furniture must be ergonomically designed and comfortable, particularly in break areas. Lastly, lab supplies are essential to the lab's processes and must be kept readily available. Labs require ample storage space and an inventory management program to store the supplies. Proper inventory management will ensure that supplies are not lost or damaged.

Lab layout should consider the lab's physical environment. This includes the loading dock, adjacent buildings and queuing points. Bioburden and security issues should be considered when designing a lab layout. It should also be designed with staff performing analytical tests.

Analytical laboratory setup

Laboratory setup

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