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If you require scaffolding for your construction, you need to consider the type of structure you need. Scaffold towers come in different sizes and shapes. If you are looking for a scaffold tower hire in Essex or any other part of the UK, worry less as  Lakeside hire has you covered. We are located at Bretts Farm, Romford Rd Aveley, Essex, Rm 15 6HH, United Kingdom, and have a wide range of hire products, including quality scaffold towers, .ladders, powered access, podium steps, the arrow pops, site boxes, lifts, and temporary fencing.We provide everything you will need to safeguard your site and make it as simple as possible. Our equipment is also safe and efficient, and we offer them at cheaper rates. We don't want you to go through the hassle of buying expensive equipment that you will only require temporarily and struggle with its expensive storage and maintenance. You can contact us on 0333 220 4492 to discover our services. Whenever you need a portaloo hire for your business event or a heras fencing hire to keep your site safe, choose us as we offer quality tools and equipment. What's more, we deliver nationwide and always perform safety checks before providing equipment to you for safety purposes. We also offer services at great rates that will save you money, cleaned and well-maintained equipment, and don't charge a deposit. You also don't need to worry about any hidden charges. Whenever you need any kind of business equipment, let us know, and we will work our best to get them to you fast and efficiently. Reach out to us on the phone or email us at to acquire our services. Or better yet, visit our office in Essex or other parts of the United Kingdom.





Portaloo Hire



Our company is based in Aveley, and our primary goal is setting high standards for providing clean and stylish equipment. You'll also get access to environmentally friendly and well-maintained transportable facilities such as Portaloo hire. We understand that you need the best equipment for your corporate or public events, such as weddings. Portable toilets shouldn't be dinghy to interfere with the comfort of invited VIPs in your wedding. Visit our product gallery to glimpse the varieties of products we offer to meet your diverse needs. We have a team of highly skilled professionals committed to taking proactive approaches to provide customized services meeting individual client needs. At Lakeside Hire, we provide prompt fencing services, making us the reliable company you can trust. Besides, we display the highest levels of integrity and honesty when serving clients. Our primary goal at Lakeside Hire is to offer customized services tailored to meet clients' individual needs seeking our services. It's the right place that makes the job easy for you by ensuring that your preferred location is as secure as possible. Because of your diverse need count, you'll get the following fencing services; temporary fencing for construction sites, housing sites, local council working sites, and crowd control barriers, among others. Your location doesn't matter because we have elaborate transport services to get to you once you call upon us. 

Are you looking for Heras fencing hire ideas? Come to Lakeside Hire for reliable solutions. You can access our services using the vast array of methods we have enacted to ensure that reaching us is not a problem. Our call services are available 24 hours a day, and you can contact us through 0333 220 4492 or shoot using an email using In each case, our response will be prompt to ensure that your urgent matters receive deserved attention. You can also visit our offices at Bretts Farm, Romford Road, Aveley, Essex, Rm15 6HH, or get us at our official website using this URL:



Heras Fencing Hire



Do you need temporary Heras fencing hire anywhere in the United Kingdom? Worry less as lakeside hire got you covered. Heras fencing is a very efficient and cheap solution for the safety of your construction site. It is one of the best cost-effective ways to secure your site without the need for a night watch or CCTV installation. At lakeside hire, we value your property and work with you to ensure you adequately secure your site.We offer quality Heras fencing services at affordable rates, starting from £5.50 per week. We also provide next-day delivery, so you don't have to halt your business activities long waiting for equipment. Our heras fencing panel dimensions are 3.5m x 2m and can work well for any site. Our temporary fencing solutions also involve easy-to-move lightweight panels that are easy to assemble and complete with blocks and couplers. Our products are also impenetrable.It doesn't matter your location in the United Kingdom; we can efficiently deliver equipment and tools needed at your site fast. We also provide trained coordinators who can give you expert advice and help regarding any of our equipment. Contact us to enjoy products that are 69% cheaper than the average price. We offer a wide range of products and services, including portaloo hire, site boxes hire, scaffold tower hire, and many others. Call us today on 0333 220 4492 or visit our Essex office at Bretts Farm, Romford Road Aveley, Essex, Rm 15 6HH, United Kingdom, for the best equipment hire experience. You can also reach us through email at for any inquiries regarding our products.


The telescoping mast system is simple equipment that will make a massive impact on your construction solutions. Lakeside Hire's genie superlift in this category is equipped with a patented telescopic mast system. The feature increases the convenience of lifting objects and loads to significant heights. Besides, it creates a streamlined unit that increases storage efficiency, and no strength is lost. Lakeside Hire's genie offers storage solutions for individuals struggling with space in their construction sites. Our super lifts have easily foldable legs to enable you to store them in a relatively small area and use the rest to store other construction machinery. It's worth noting that adaptability is a crucial aspect that enhances efficiency in building sites. You need equipment that will enable your workers to lift different materials to various heights without worry or bustle. If you've been involved in the building and construction industry, you understand the complexities that come along with lifting materials of different sizes and shapes. Lakeside Hire simplifies the process for you using genie superlift.


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