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If you or someone you know has been arrested and charged with a crime, it is very important that you deal with the case the right way as that could prevent you from going to jail or getting any other harsh sentence. Even if you are innocent, you are advised not to speak anything at the point of arrest or try to defend yourself in any way. Simply allow yourself to get arrested and ask for the right to an attorney. When you have the chance, hire yourself a Criminal Defense Attorney. Depending on the level of crime you are charged with, your punishment may include a fine, probation, community service, time in jail, and so on, plus the fact that the crime and the charge appear in your record, which could prevent you from certain opportunities. That is why your aim is to get the case dismissed and get you discharged and acquitted. The only way that can be possible is by letting someone qualified and skilled defend you in court.




No matter how you feel about your case or how innocent you may be, you are unqualified to defend yourself in court. This is because defense involves a lot of things that you lack to a very large extent. For you to have a chance at freedom, you would have to prove to the court, beyond all reasonable doubt, that you did not do what you are being accused of. At the Law Offices of Keith Hirschorn, P.C, we have, for many years, provided people with the best defense for their criminal case by giving them a qualified criminal defense attorney to represent them at court. For many years, we have been helping people around Hudson County in so many cases including DWI, gun charges, violent crimes, and even murder. 





DUI Lawyer


A DUI Lawyer is the very person you need to be talking to when you are facing a criminal charge. No matter how minor or big the charge is, getting good legal representation can have far-reaching benefits that could help your life in the long run. Hiring a defense attorney is the normal thing to do because it is very rewarding.First, an attorney can help fast track your bail release. Staying in jail for too long is very bad. You would miss out on a lot of things, including work, and your reputation would take a hit. By working your bail release, you can come out of jail and have time to plan your defense properly. If you do not have the money to settle your bail, your attorney can help you make arrangements that would take care of that, just to see you leave jail quickly. 



Drug Crime Lawyer


A DUI charge is a very delicate case to deal with. Even though it is a misdemeanor, states strongly frown against driving under the influence and it attracts very stiff punishments, including suspension of license and even jail time. You can avoid all of that by having a Drug Crime Lawyer handle your case for you. Drunk driving is not a very easy case to dismiss. The police already had enough proof to charge you with the offense and that would be used against you during the trial. It does not matter that you were not drunk at the time of your arrest. Once traces of alcohol are found in your blood, from as little as 0.8% or you fail a breathalyzer test, you would be facing a DUI charge.If it is your first DUI, the punishments are usually smaller and you may just be asked to pay a fine and let go. If you are a recurring offender, you could spend some time in jail as well as have your license suspended. If you committed a crime as a result of your drink driving, like running into a pedestrian or colliding with another car, then the charges are raised and you are more likely to end up in jail.



But when you have a good DUI lawyer, you may not have to worry about any of that. A competent DUI lawyer would challenge the evidence behind your charge and work to have your case dismissed. Besides that, the lawyer would generally make sure that you end up with the least penalty possible. So you may just end up paying a fine or doing a few hours of community service without going to jail or having your license suspended.For years, our DUI lawyers at the Law Offices of Keith Hirschorn, P.C have been helping drivers evade the many stiff penalties that come with a DUI charge and we would be willing to do the same for you today. 


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