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We know that a divorce should not turn your finances into shambles. Rest assured that we are the Divorce Attorney to speak to when you are in need of alimony. We can help you to establish an equitable amount of spousal support.After a divorce, you deserve to be able to retain your role as the father or mother of the children had during the union. Rest assured that when we take on your case, we fight aggressively on your behalf to ensure that you enjoy continued access to your children. We are the child custody and visitation attorneys that care about you and your children.  When you are in the thick of a family law related case, you need an attorney that can stand firm and ensure that your rights and interests are aggressively protected. Here at Law Offices of Tina Sharma, we are that attorney.We have been in practice for years and this means that we have seen and handled several cases that are similar to yours. We are familiar with the state’s family laws and we are constantly working on being better at what we do.We have won several cases for our clients and we continue to work hard to make sure that each new client gets the appropriate legal attention and representation deserved.




Family Law Attorney


When it comes to adoption, there are several factors to consider, especially with respect to the legality of the process. When you are on the path to making this decision, it is recommended that you have a qualified and experienced lawyer on your side to help you to better navigate the process with ease.Seeing as adoption is one of the most rewarding experiences for single parents and couples, it can also be frustrating when not handled in the proper way.Here at Law Offices of Tina Sharma, we are not just the best Divorce Attorney in the area but we take pride in being the one-stop Family Law Attorney to contact when you are planning such a move like this. We have a reputation that precedes us and we have helped many clients in the past to navigate the process of adoption so that they do not run into any legal problems down the line.Here at our law office, we are passionate about helping each member of our community and client base and that is why we promise a one-on-one approach as you go through the adoption process.Rest assured that we guarantee you the very best solution, whether you are planning a domestic adoption process or you have considered the international adoption process.With help from our attorneys, you can rest assured that you will get the best outcomes from all possible types of adoption cases including domestic adoptions, independent adoptions, agency adoptions, interstate adoptions, inter-country adoptions, open adoptions, relative adoptions, stepparent adoptions, co-parent adoptions, foster parent adoption, adult adoption, and more.



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Here at Law Offices of Tina Sharma, we understand that sometimes, happily ever after does not last a lifetime. We have handled several cases as a Divorce Attorney and we are familiar with the emotionally and mentally draining process of divorce.However, we pay attention to the needs of our clients, making sure that they get all of the compassionate legal help they need to better navigate the tough life decisions being made.While we understand that several reasons may have warranted the initiation of the divorce proceeding, our Family Law Attorney also understands that you should not be left in financial ruins in the aftermath of the separation and that is why we handle all types of spousal support cases, making sure that you are well catered to in the aftermath of your divorce.Our office is open to take on the needs of clients who are seeking spousal support as well as those who are being asked to pay the same. We offer legal advice, handle negotiations, and also provide fierce legal representation in cases that border on.


We also understand that when you are faced with challenges that relate to immigration law, the odds are most likely stacked against you. we, however, make sure that you are able to get the best possible attention to ensure that your case is resolved as best as it can be.We offer you all the help you need to explore the many potentials to become a legal resident of the United States. We know that the process can oftentimes be difficult and that is why we make sure that you are offered the legal help and attention of a team that has helped many in the past.We guarantee that we will offer all the help you need to secure non-immigrant visas like working professional visas, student visas, tourist and visitors visas, E1/E2 Treaty trader and investors visas, intra-company managerial transfers, professional athletic and artistic performance visas and more.When you come into our law office, we guarantee that our attorney will offer you one on one legal attention, listen to the problems that you have and also deliver legal advice that will ensure your legal protection.Other than our immigration law attorneys, we also have the best Divorce Attorney and Family Law Attorney here at Law Offices of Tina Sharma



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