Online poker in Poland. Where to play legally?

Texas Hold'em and other types of poker are an extremely popular way to entertain and ... make money. Is online poker in Poland legal and can you spend your free time with others at this well-known card game? Legalne-Kasyna PL


Online poker in Poland - where can you play?

The history of Poker in Poland is very rich. Although this game has never been so popular with us, as in the United States, it can not be said that many of our countrymen had no clue about even the most basic principles. There is no denying that only for some time now more and more people are interested in the so-called sports poker, which is a form of Texas Hold'em. Earlier, the five-card variety reigned with us.
Earning at a bookmaker often does not give you as much earnings as when playing online poker. It is therefore not surprising that a lot of people are looking for information on whether poker is legal in Poland. In this article, we'll look at exactly if you can play online poker in Poland, and if so, where to play your favorite card game.

Legal online poker game 2020

To play online poker, we don't need anything special except basic computer skills or a mobile device. Depending on where we play, you must create an account, download special software and log in to previously registered data. This is how online poker looks in a nutshell. And how is this in practice?
If you visit various types of poker forums or good bookmaking blogs, you certainly know that in our country there was a gambling act in 2017 that turned gambling in Poland upside down. After it entered into force, in our country you can not play with illegal bookmakers who do not have a license to organize betting. However, such a license and permit is issued only by the Polish Ministry of Finance. The entity applying for a concession must meet a number of conditions that are not always simple. Usually the authorization procedure takes up to half a year.
Unfortunately, together with 2017 in Poland hard times have come for online poker fans. It is because of the aforementioned Act that currently there is no such thing as legal online poker in our country. At least, not exactly as some people would wish. More on this in a moment.

Where to play poker online?

Money poker played with other players is completely prohibited in our country, except for casinos, which in turn are forced to charge horrendous tax rates. Is there a place where you can play online poker then? Yes, but this applies to the already mentioned STS or TotalCasino - the only 100% safe and compliant online casino in our country.
If you want to do it only for fun, and therefore not for profit, you can download a card game to your computer or phone. Many of them work much better than the best poker rooms software. Unfortunately, the problem is that you only have to play virtual tokens. And this, there is nothing to hide, spoils a lot.
Many people ask whether it is legal to play poker for money but not to pay it. Well, logically, it is not possible for the legislator to treat it differently than breaking the law. Regardless of whether you use the funds you won or not - you took part in the real money game, and this is no longer allowed in our country!