How to promote local business?

Effective business promotion, regardless of its scale, is quite a challenge. The need for advertising, promotion, standing out from the competition and building the brand image is, however, so important that it is a challenge that must be faced.

Today I will give you some practical tips on how to promote your business locally and give you a few personally proven ways.

How to promote a company on the local market?
Let me start by saying that today's post is one of two to be released this week and it will be about promoting local business. We will focus on smaller companies that want to reach local recipients. I run this type of business myself, I checked various methods of promotion and today I will share these experiences. I have experienced firsthand how important and at the same time, how difficult it can be to promote a business locally. And why locally?

Small businesses have fewer promotional opportunities. It is a fact and there is no need to fight it, you just have to accept this dependence. Fortunately, this does not mean that we are in a losing position in the face of larger competitors. It is worth focusing on a smaller area of ​​activity, but approach it more flexibly and comprehensively.

Our chance is the local market. Everyone is different - so it will be crucial to know these differences, as well as precisely define our target group. This knowledge will determine the effectiveness of our promotional and business activities. Local markets differ from each other in terms of population, location, competition, wealth and needs of local residents ... There are many factors and it is worth not only getting to know them, but also analyzing them in terms of business and marketing strategy. You need to know the features of the local market in which we operate in order to use it in practice to build a strong brand.

Flexibility is one of the features that can be our advantage and a success factor in local business. An appropriate diagnosis of the local market needs and skillful adaptation to them is the basis for planning promotional activities.

Outdoor advertising
A billboard in a strategic place, in the vicinity of our company, may be a good idea. Unfortunately, the problem is the cost of such advertising. The better the location, the higher the price - you know. But sometimes it happens that even in a very good location, we can find alternative ways to display our advertisement without the risk of large fees. Again, I will give my own example - in the vicinity of my office, there was an abandoned company headquarters that closed its activities, and the building had been empty for over a year. I found the property manager, called and offered to hang my advertisement on the facade for a fixed monthly fee (1/5 of the billboard cost). We came to an agreement and my advertisement was hanging until the owner changed. Cooperation with local partners

Why should you treat local businesses only as competitors? Especially if there is a chance for mutual benefit! It can be a mutual recommendation of your services, or the development, extension of your offer with new services proposed by your local partner ... There are many concepts, it all depends on individual possibilities and the type of business, but it is not worth closing oneself to them.

Advertising in the local press
If you want to put an advertisement in the press, you often have to take into account a considerable expense. It is different with the local press - these are usually much smaller publishing houses, with which rates are easier to negotiate with, you can develop a more individual style of cooperation. More profitable and profitable for us. An ad in a local newspaper that mainly hits readers in your business area could be a bull's eye. I myself recently placed my ad like this and thanks to that I had some very nice conversations and meetings

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