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The opener of a garage door is the very thing that makes it open. If it is faulty, it could stop the door from opening, even if the springs and other parts are good. This is because it receives the electrical command that leads to opening. That is why it can be a big inconvenience when the opener is faulty. One of the very common reasons why your door may not open could be as a result of a wrong connection. Sometimes, the opener may not be plugged in or is incorrectly plugged in. This could result in it the door being unable to open when prompted to. Issues regarding the opener are best fixed by professionals and we are the best for the job. Our team of licensed experts at Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates can see to fixing any issue that revolves around your garage door opener to make sure it keeps working. We can repair any problem associated with it or assist you with an outright replacement. As the leading Garage Door Repair Los Angeles, we pack a lot of years of experience, having dealt with different types of garage doors from many manufacturers, which means we can easily identify and rectify a problem.

Garage Door installation Los Angeles CA

Whether you require the door to be installed in your home or office, trust us to get the job done for you. A garage door is a very unique piece that requires expert handling to be done right. Errors in installation could be costly as well as disastrous. That is why we do our utmost best to ensure that the installation is as correct as possible. In addition to installation, we also provide repairs. No matter how good a garage door is or how well it was installed, it is bound to face some issues at one point or the other, especially after many years of use. It is important that you leave it to professionals to fix to ensure it is done properly. Some of the services we provide in that aspect include spring repair, track repair, opener repair, and so on. We also provide regular maintenance for your doors. It is not always enough to install them - they need to be maintained. This includes spraying lubricants on the springs to prevent friction and reduce the effect of rust. One of the things that set our services apart is that we can deliver to you in one day. We understand that some problems are emergencies and would require immediate repair, and we know how to do that. Also, you can call us at any time of the day and we would immediately respond. Indeed, we are the best when it comes to Garage Door Installation Los Angeles CA. 



Garage Door Repair

In such a frustrating circumstance as this, you need to choose Garage Door Repairs experts that are famous for their trade and a company that can offer you a fast response, honest diagnosis, and affordable services. Choosing a company that meets these criteria, including experience and professionalism could be your savior. Companies specialized in Garage Door Repairs Los Angeles will help fix your garage door thereby giving you peace of mind and comfort.Garage Door Installation Los Angeles CA is also another mode of getting your garage door fixed. This is because getting a garage door installation will help make things faster. There are various garage door repair specialists in Los Angeles, and varieties of them will help with the proper restoration of your garage door. Before choosing any garage door repairs in Los Angeles, you will need to pay attention to their customer care and get a decent review of them.


We provide prompt services for you and would show up at any time you need us. Our repairs are swift but properly done. You can contact us at any time that is convenient for you and we would be there to serve you. We can always offer a solution that fits your budget and we would only use quality and compatible parts for the repair so that the door opener can continue to serve you for long. Contact us today for a free estimate or if you require the services of one of our professionals to know the exact problem with your door.

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