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Many people are concerned and conscious of their looks. This means that they are willing to take steps to ensure that they continue to look radiant and youthful. Here at Lotus Acupuncture, we welcome such customers with open arms into our Acupuncture Clinic.We are a team of Acupuncture therapists who have over the years studied the ancient Chinese traditional medicine practice and have found it to be one of the most natural ways to encourage the body to heal and do what is necessary.Having treated several clients in the past, we save you from having to go through invasive medical procedures to get the firm, soft, and smooth skin that you desire.

Our main focus is to help your body to detoxify while also giving you the facial and skin solution that you deserve and desire.When you choose to engage in the Acupuncture therapy that we offer here at Lotus Acupuncture, we guarantee that you will have access to some of the most fulfilling advantages including;We guarantee that with the use of our Acupuncture therapy, you will be able to boost blood circulation in the face and other areas of the body. With improved blood flow and circulation, your face and skin will be able to uptake more nutrients thus keeping it youthful and fresh at all times.





Acupuncture For Fertility


We guarantee that our Acupuncture therapy has been fleshed out into many diverse areas including Acupuncture For Fertility which is aimed at treating the problem of infertility in men and women, Acupuncture for migraine, Acupuncture for asthma and other allergies, and more.When you come into our Acupuncture Clinic, we guarantee that you will be attended to by a team of experts who wish to identify the condition from which you suffer and based on that information, provide the very best treatment therapy for you and your healthcare needs.Some of the therapies that we offer here at Lotus Acupuncture include;We offer functional medicine which is based on our belief that good food is the best medicine. Rest assured that we offer a cutting edge approach to functional medicine with a view to targeting your nutritional deficiencies while speeding up the body’s natural ability to heal using food as a building block.We are the best at Acupuncture therapy in the area and we combine this knowledge with that of herbs, food, and mineral-based formulas that are essential to strengthening the body and providing the support needed for the body to heal properly. Using Chinese medicine, you can clear up excess health problems while also improving overall wellness.This is a technique that uses glass and heat or plastic with a pump to create a suction effect on the skin. With this effect, you are able to enjoy the best circulation while also activating the lymphatic system. Your body also gets to release toxins and opens up the channels where the energy flows – known as the meridians.



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You can rest assured that here at our Acupuncture Clinic, our main focus is on helping you to live your life on the best terms by adopting natural approaches that do not pose the threat or risk of side-effects.Migraines can be a nagging feeling in the head. When experienced over time, you may begin to notice a drop in the quality of your life, overall performance, and ability to enjoy the things that once gave you joy.Here at Lotus Acupuncture, we understand that you need the best attention and care and that is why we expose you to the most natural treatment solution available in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.When you come into our Acupuncture Clinic here at Lotus Acupuncture, we make sure that you will be offered personalized attention from our Acupuncture specialist who will seek to understand the condition from which you suffer better and based on that offer you treatment solutions that are proven effective.As part of our Acupuncture treatment solution, we offer a unique blend of natural therapies for the treatment of all kinds of migraines including severe and recurrent migraines, cluster headaches, visual migraines, chronic daily migraines, migraines that do not respond to medication, hormonal migraines, as well as migraines accompanied by vomiting and nausea.


We address the root cause of the problemHere at our Acupuncture Clinic, we understand that you just aren’t suffering from migraines for the fun of it, instead, it is a result of an underlying condition. We go ahead to examine you to better identify the underlying condition which we will then treat using one or a combination of the natural therapies that we offer. Rest assured that we take care to ensure that all of your health needs are addressed in one.We also have therapies that have been designed to boost the body’s immune system while also encouraging it to heal and repair itself.Here at Lotus Acupuncture, we are not only known to offer the very best Acupuncture therapy in Charlotte, NC but we have over the years expanded on the natural therapies that we offer.


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