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Making a choice when it comes to Stair Lift can be demanding. This is why at Louisville Stairlift Solutions we carry a wide range of product options for you to choose from. We understand that variety is the spice of life and this is why, as part of the products that we carry, we offer you the Nautilus HD – Straight Stair Lift, one of the most sought after Chair Lift.This product has not only been built and designed for aesthetics and performance but also to offer you the support needed irrespective of your weight class.One of the biggest advantages and most distinguishing features of this accessibility product is that it can support a weight of up to 600 lbs.With its 600 lbs capacity, users are presented with a wide range of other perks including a grease-free helical worm drive which is the most reliable and dependable drive in the industry. With this drive in place, you can rest easy knowing that your home will remain sparkling clean at all times and free from grime and waste resulting from grease buildup.Added to this, the product has been designed such that it is not only easy to clean but also offers you the chance to spend less time on maintenance. Although a low maintenance installation, we make sure that you have access to our support team at all times to ask questions regarding the StairglideThe Nautilus HD also comes into the market featuring safety sensors that stops when it encounters an obstruction on the stairs. This is an important feature that will save you and your loved ones from accidents on the stairs.




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Choosing the Nautilus HD also gives you access to lift control that is conveniently located on the armrest for easy controls. Rest easy knowing that this product can rotate up to 85-degrees for an easy transition.Looking to choose a Stair Lift for your accessibility needs? rest assured that Louisville Stairlift Solutions has all of the products you need to make your home accessible once more.Whether you have been involved in an accident that has led to injuries that limit your physical activity or you are old and interested in staying safe and healthy, we carry both the vertical and horizontal Chair Lift to meet your specific needs.When you choose us and our Stairglide, we make sure that you are presented with a wide range of solutions that leave you happier by the day.One of the solutions that we offer is in the form of the horizontal platform lift that has been designed to be available in 53” – 171” in height.The product has been designed to offer you the best solution in terms of ease of use and performance. When you choose to use this product, we make sure that you are exposed to a solution that is easy to install and operate. Added to this, we make sure that you are free from maintenance fee because the product is low maintenance and we also have a team that is ready to offer the needed support and maintenance to get your product working in great shape.







When you are planning on choosing the best Stair Lift for yourself or your loved ones – to make the flight up and down the stairs easier, rest assured that at Louisville Stairlift Solutions, we offer a wide range of Chair Lift options for you to choose from including the world’s most compact Stair Lift.We make sure that when you choose the Nautilus – straight Stair Lift, you will be presented with a wide range of advantages that stand it apart from all others.As part of the perks, benefits, and specifications to expect on the accessibility product, we guarantee that you will not have to worry about the maintenance and addition of grease that may soil your home. Instead, we make sure that you are presented with a lifetime of warranty on the product so that you can enjoy the best things in life.Being the world’s most compact Stair Lift, the product has been designed to be just 100.5 inches when folded, earning it the position of the industry’s narrowest lift.

Added to this, the product comes packing a patented helical worm drive that offers reliability, durability, and many more advantages. The drive also makes the Stairglide smoother and more energy-efficient.The Stair Lift is also battery powered thus allowing you as many as 60 cycles when there is a power outage. We aim to help you to get the best of the accessibility product and this is why we provide you with a clean installation service as part of the purchase as well as regular maintenance services when you notice any damage.The product takes accessibility to the next level with 2 wireless remote controls that can be stationed at opposite sides of the installation to enable better usability.Added to this, there are other features to expect on the product including clean installation and maintenance, folding rails that aids space management, can travel up a 52-degrees incline, and others.


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