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Building a Vibrant Short Term Rental Community - Who We Are

Sharing Philadelphia is comprised of residents, small business owners, and community leaders who support the fair regulation of short-term rentals in Philadelphia. Our community is dedicated to advocacy, education, and sharing information.

We’ve come together to create this platform to allow the voices of the community to be a part of the conversation surrounding the proposed regulations.

Our objective is to provide a collective voice to be heard throughout the City’s legislative process, helping shape regulations supporting the industry, instead of dismantling it.

As a community that cares about Philadelphia, we look forward to working with local officials to ensure short-term rentals continue to benefit our communities.

Our Cause

A Voice for Philadelphia's Short Term Rental Community

Our Mission


Sharing Philadelphia is a community platform that was created in response to the highly-restrictive ordinance that was proposed in earlier this summer to regulate short-term rentals in the City of Philadelphia.

Our objective is to ensure that our collective voices are heard throughout the City’s legislative process so that we’re left with regulations that support the industry, instead of dismantling it.

2021 Proposed Short-Term Rental Ordinance

The City Planning Commission has already held hearings on the proposed ordinance and subsequently recommended it to City Council for deliberation. Right now we are waiting on the Mayor's signature which will kick off the rulemaking process. We are going to continue to engage and push for Visitor Accommodations Rentals as well as make sure that the data of our Hosts remains protected. The full bill will most likely be in place by April 2022

While we support and encourage the regulation of the short-term rental industry, we’d like to see a fair set of standard practices that will support responsible short-term rental operation. Specifically, here is what is new in this ordinance:

Proposed Regulations

  • The ordinance requires platforms to register with the city, and remove listings after the city has notified us that they have had their permit revoked or are otherwise not eligible
  • This ordinance requires Hosts to register as Limited Lodging if they rent their primary residence for any amount of time - previously those who rented less than 90 did not have to do so.
  • For primary residences renting more than 180 nights, a Visitor Accommodation permit is no longer required.

What is not new:

  • For non-primary residence rentals in residential districts, a zoning variance for Visitor Accommodation Permit is required

2021 brings new challenges for short-term rentals in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.  More proposed legislation are in the works and requires all of us to be informed, equipped, and ready to let our voices be heard.

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3 Ways Short-Term Rentals

Impact Philadelphia and Its Residents

Article by Ed Sena
Sharing Philadelphia Member + Host

Airbnb continues to dominate in the home sharing market as it continues to expand its cultural influence. The company is growing more than ever with over 160,000,000 guests having used Airbnb in over 65,000 cities.

It’s easy to see why staying in a Philadelphia short-term rental (STR) is so appealing. Guests have the opportunity to stay in homes with multiple bedrooms, stocked kitchens, offices, yards, and even swimming pools. Many STRs offer a more authentic experience and all at a lower costs to visitors.

As platforms such as Airbnb continue to grow, cities are increasingly interested in deciding how best to address the impact of STRs in their communities. Regulations and ordinances are being implemented at the city, town, and even neighborhood levels. And run the gamut of being common sense win-win solutions to more strict “shut’em down” proposals.

As Philadelphia city council continues to discuss and draft an ordinance that we hope provides a positive path forward for everyone, we wanted to take a look at how STRs impact Philadelphia hosts and their families.


Short-term rentals in a good location, thoughtfully furnished, well photographed, with great customer service and management, can generate 2-3x the revenue of a traditional long-term rental. So yes, the money can be very good.

The vast majority of Philadelphia short-term rental hosts are using Airbnb as a side hustle to generate extra income. We’ve had many memorable conversations with hosts sharing their stories about how their STR revenue has help pay down debt, helped with the purchase of a vehicle, paid for medical bills and school tuition, and even helped with down payments for home purchases.


Think STR homes will be the black sheep of the street? Think again. STR hosts are highly motivated to keep a clean and beautiful space. Success depends on a keeping a great looking home. If someone is running an STR, their space is being constantly being cleaned. Great reviews will make or break STRs and provides the proper motivation to regularly maintain Philadelphia residences and offer a 5-star experience.

Social & Community

One of the great joys of being a host in Philadelphia is we get to show off our city. This social influence creates a sense of community pride and challenges hosts to be aware of new dining options, upcoming events and attractions. An increasing challenge in our social media driven society is the ability to create authentic community. Being a local host is one way of creating those real life connections.

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Pros & Cons of Airbnb Rentals

Checkout this video from our friends at bigger pockets on the pros and cons of being an short-term rental host on Airbnb. Enjoy!

3 Must Do’s for Philadelphia Short-Term Rentals.

A helpful house manual

Unique tips and useful information about your home and surrounding area is always a plus. People love discovering new options for dining and appreciate thoughtful touches in your space.

Timely & consistent communication

Reservation thank you, your upcoming trip, next morning, and after check out messages are super important to a great guest experience and will help you earn / keep a super host reputation.

Simple explainer or welcome video

On your phone, create a simple video showing your building, lockbox location, or showing off your unique space. Upload to Youtube or Vimeo and put this link into your upcoming trip messages.

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