MA Health Care Affordability Calculator
(Version 0.1, 6/19/2019)

Basic Filing Information:

Taxpayer's Name:
Tax Year:
Filing Status:
Family Size:

AGI Information:

Federal AGI:
AGI of SP (if filing MFS and SP lived in household):
Total AGI:

Eligibility for Employer-Sponsored Insurance That Met MCC

Offer of Employer Insurance:
Lowest Monthly Premium:

Eligibility for Government-Subsidized Health Insurance: AGI 300% FPL

Citizen or Legal Resident?
Denied MassHealth/Subsidized Insurance?
Offer of Individual Employer Insurance?
Lowest Monthly Individual Premium:

Ability to Purchase Private Health Insurance That Met MCC

County of Residence:
Age (older spouse if MFJ):
Insurance Plan:

Thanks to Jeff Bogart for the initial version of this calculator.
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