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Four Material Design Award trophies made of colorful translucent blocks

Distraction-free note taking. An AI-powered diary. Gamified lettering. Travel made easy. The winners of this year’s Material Design Awards adapted and amplified our design system to serve their own unique use cases and demonstrate what great design is all about. Without further ado, the honorees:

  • Ruff — Splendidly simple note taking app almost entirely composed of a backdrop, bottom sheet, and FAB.

  • Reflectly — Stylish journaling app featuring a conversational UI and artful use of transition choreography, color, and elevation.

  • Scripts — Engaging educational app that uses a novel tracing interaction to teach users how to create letterforms.

  • — International travel booking app with a strong visual hierarchy, available in 19 different languages.

From ingenious interactions to custom components, get the details on how these award-winning products harness Material Design.




Abstract pie chart and line graphs

Learn how to communicate complex information with our data vis guidelines.  Want a quick intro? Get started with our six principles for designing any chart.

Abstract data table with selected cells

Material data tables are now more accessible than ever, and come with code for Flutter and the web. Read all about the new improvements and how they’re tailored for workplace needs.

Abstract date picker with selected dates

Stay up-to-date with our new date picker component — which lets users select a date, or a range of dates. Then try out the code for Android.

Mobile device with logos for Sketch and Figma

Get new design kits for Sketch and Figma over on our Resources page. These downloadable design files make it easy to create baseline and dark theme layouts.

See all the latest updates at




Variable fonts API preview
Test drive a new version of the Google Fonts CSS API, available with 12 variable fonts, including new typefaces like Hepta Slab. Then find out why Google thinks variable fonts are the 🔥 font innovation since moveable type.


Material wants YOU
Want a sneak peek at new Material features? Love sending feedback on prototype designs, demos, and approaches? Sign up for our user studies and a member of the Material team will reach out for your input.


Around the web


A grid of 15 round buttons with shadows representing the phases of the moon

Dark theme case studies
Explore how four different apps adapted Material’s dark theme guidance – creating dark UIs with new color palettes, revamped contrast, and increased legibility.

Material RangeSlider for Flutter
Learn what a range slider is, why you might use it, and how to customize its behavior and appearance in Flutter — an open-source development framework by Google.

Making Material your own
On CSS Tricks, learn how to customize the look and feel of Material Components by applying global changes to your product’s color, shape, and typography.



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