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When the time comes to sell your property and move on, there are many options that readily come to mind, however, the stress-free option would be to look for a perfect Real Estate Agency in your area to consult.Getting a house in Blaxland can be a difficult task, especially when you do not have the right Real Estate Agent in your corner. Here at Merrick Property Group, we are a team of real estate experts who have years of experience in the local real estate market and are aware of how to help you navigate the real estate settings to ensure that you get the best possible outcome.As your top-rated Real Estate Agency, we are more committed to making your home buying experience simple, easy, and stress-free. to that extent, we guarantee that we will be here for you at all times and through all of the steps required to get you the property of your dreams.We are aware that each buyer has different needs, wants, and budget. To that extent, we promise a personalized approach from our real Estate Agent who will push to know your preference and offer you the best property selection in the area.Rest assured that when you are working with us, we offer you all of the information you need to know to make the best buying decision. some of the information we offer to buyers and investors, especially about Blaxland which is to become their new home include;Buyers who wish to purchase a house in Blaxland can rest easy knowing that an average home in the area costs about $720,000. Investors who are interested in opportunities can also rest easy knowing that they will be able to earn about $450 PW and an annual rent yield of about 3.4%. Families who wish to move into this area can rest easy knowing that there are local government schools in the area as well as the private schools that are up to standard.




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Blaxland residents have access to a thriving community that boasts of churches, shopping Centres, libraries, community groups, children’s play centers, and more.Homebuyers who are interested in getting the best properties in areas like Glenbrook understand the importance of working with an experienced Real Estate Agent. Here at Merrick Property Group, we understand that the property search process can be insanely overwhelming and that is why we come into the picture, helping you to simplify the difficulties by leveraging our network and connection.We have been in the real estate business for years and we have built a network that allows us to better serve you and attend to your needs. rest assured that when you choose us as your most preferred Real Estate Agency, we will push to simplify the real estate stress by making sure that you are offered a one on one consultation to better understand your real estate needs and how we can help you to achieve those goals.


Penrith is one of the leading areas for relocation. However, getting the desired home for the right price in this area can be a tough nut to crack unless the buyer has the help of an experienced Real Estate Agent. Here at Merrick Property Group, we are proud to have been in the real estate industry for years. With our years of experience comes the expansive network and connection that we have built thus allowing us to serve the members of our community better.We are the Real Estate Agency that simplifies the property buying process for the members of our community. We do this by making sure that buyers not only have access to the best selection of properties but are also offered the information they need to know about the neighborhood wherein they have chosen to own a property.



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We know that the local facilities, education, and the price range of properties in the area are major considerations for you and we make sure that you are offered the best information to help you make the best choices.For buyers who are interested in working with us as their real Estate Agent towards purchasing a home in Penrith, we offer all information they need including;We are a team that focuses on making sure that your budget earns you the best property. Penrith homes go for an average of $065,000 and for investors, you can expect an average rent of about $400 PW. An annual rental yield of about 3.4% is also to be expected.Families looking to settle down in Penrith can rest assured that they will be able to enjoy access to both the local government schools and the private schools in the area.


For buyers, we make sure that you are offered the best buying experience, one that solves the problem of going from one property to another. We have an online platform that lists all the properties in our inventory and we make sure that you can select the desired property for viewing using this comfortable online tool.Our online tool is also a game-changer for property sellers as it helps widen the scope of buyers who are shown their properties. We leverage our connection, experience, network, and expertise to make sure that property sellers get all the help needed to make a fast sale and at the right price.Looking for Real Estate Agents Penrith to help you through the property sale and purchase process? Call on us.

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