A Convenient Way to Get Mexican Car Insurance

Canadians and Americans alike love taking trips to Mexico all the time, as such making the southern border one of the zones with the heaviest traffic in the world. From San Diego, CA to Brownsville, thousands of travelers in private cars drive through the border every day. Although not all these drivers are going on fun trips or holidays, some are on business trips, others on some other personal or work-related quests. However, driving into Mexico presents risks, driving-related risks just like the everyday problems drivers experience on American and Canadian roads. Other risks depending on the territory you will be visiting in Mexico. So it is very important to have your vehicle insurance done whenever you are traveling and ensure to always take the paperwork along on your trip.

American and Canadian auto insurance, however comprehensive they may be, hold no legal jurisdiction in Mexico i.e they are either limited or void in Mexico. This implies that you will need to get separate Mexican auto insurance if you plan on driving into Mexico anytime soon.

Driving Into Mexico Without Mexican Car Insurance is Too Risky

It is important to note that it won't do you any good if you are driving an uninsured vehicle in Mexico, this is because if you get involved in an accident, at best you will have to spend a lot of money to clear the mess and if you are not so lucky you could get imprisoned in the Mexican jailhouse. Presenting your Canadian or American insurance will not offer any help because they are not recognized by the Mexican regulation thus holding no legal force in the country. Also, the insurance providers will not offer any help or settle any claims if your vehicle is south of the border.

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Of course, it is always best to stay clear of trouble and avoid accidents but sometimes they are just what they are --- accidents. Drivers who are involved in auto accidents in Mexico are often arrested and detained pending an investigation, if you are properly insured and you are not at fault for the accident you will be allowed to leave with your vehicle but if your vehicle is not properly insured, then there could be some problems.

Getting Mexican Car Insurance Online

The Mexican government has stipulated that it only recognizes insurance provided by companies licensed in Mexico but that does not mean that drivers have to get to Mexico before they can get their vehicles insured. There are a lot of ways to secure Mexican auto insurance for your vehicles. Most people opt to get it done at the border. Well, that is easy but it is also much expensive and can be sometimes stressful. A better way to get Mexican auto insurance done is through securing the help of online insurance service providers. This method is not only cheap but it also comes with a number of added benefits and incentives.

Know Your Mexican Insurance Provider

When buying Mexican car insurance, it is important that you know who you are buying the insurance from. A lot of buyers trying to get Mexican auto insurance for their cars are often misled into believing that they can rely on a broker, rather than an actual Mexican insurance company. No, the insurance company underwriting your insurance policy is much more important than the broker selling the policy.

Obviously all insurance policies are sold through brokers but it is better to not rely solely on the brokers, ensure that you get to know the insurance company underwriting the policies you are buying from the broker. But there is no need to worry about brokers and insurance companies with online insurance service providers, you will be properly informed on everything you need to know about the insurance policy you are buying as well as the terms of service. A good online insurance provider like Mexican Insurance Store will provide great insurance deals for you.

Information That You Need to Provide to Your Mexican Insurance Underwriter

Now that you know the benefits of getting your insurance done by an online service provider, lets go through some of the things you will be required to provide when getting the insurance done.

  1. You will be required to provide information about the type of car you want to insure
  2. You will be asked for the showroom value and the current value of the car
  3. The limits you are expecting to receive
  4. The number of days you will be spending in Mexico
  5. You will also be required to provide the age of the driver.

Note that unlike Canadian and American insurance schemes, the Mexican auto insurance does not require a lot of information about the vehicle or any driving history, so it is much easier, involves less stress and things get done faster.

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Before purchasing your Mexican auto insurance, you need to know the aspects covered by the policies and the level of protection you will be getting from your Mexican auto insurance policy. A lot of the protections offered are similar to the ones offered by Canadian and American policies while others are completely different.

They include:

  1. Vehicle Coverage: The insurance policy offers protection for damages to your vehicles. Damages arising from accidents or other mishaps.
  2. Liability Insurance: The insurance also covers debt incurred when you damage other people's cars.
  3. Medical Coverage: The insurance policy also covers all medical and treatment costs for injuries sustained in auto accidents
  4. Theft Protection: The insurance provides compensation for car owners in case of car thefts.
  5. Legal aid protection: Usually when drivers get involved in auto accidents in Mexico, they are detained pending investigation. The insurance policy also provides legal assistance in such situations.
  6. Roadside assistance: In cases of vehicle breakdown, the insurance policy will cover all repair costs.
  7. Travel expense coverage: Some insurance policies offer assistance to policyholders in taking care of some travel expenses such as securing accommodation.

Compare Mexican Car Insurance Rates First

In order to be able to secure Mexican auto insurance, you may access an online comparison tool. If you have no idea what that is, a good example is the Mexican Insurance Store. Using this tool, you will then analyze, compare and select an insurance policy that you believe fits your needs. You can then proceed to purchase the selected policy online using a secured connection. After the purchase is completed the provider will send you the insurance documents, print the policy and you have your Mexican auto insurance. It is that simple! And do not forget to bring these other important documents when you are finally packing up for your travel to Mexico.

The last thing on your mind when planning your trip to Mexico will be worrying about getting involved in a car accident. But they happen sometimes and it is up to you to not allow such accidents to ruin your Mexican vacation. Protect yourself by getting Mexican car insurance for your vehicle.

Getting Mexican auto insurance will make a trip and stay in Mexico much less stressful and with the peace of mind it offers, you will get to enjoy every bit of your stay in Mexico. Enjoy your trip!