Michael Fine

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My expertise is designing, coding and implementing scalable business user solutions that incorporate relational database integration, complex business logic, reports, data analysis and intuitive interfaces for financial, manufacturing and wholesale sectors.  I have over 14 years SQL programming and over 15 years experience in MS Access/Excel VBA development. Over 10 years I have developed in MS SQL Server OLTP and OLAP environments. I am skilled creating complex stored procedures, user defined functions, cursors, derived tables and triggers. I am experienced with data extraction, transformation and load methodologies including data cleansing and validation.

I have proven abilities to gather functional and technical project specifications including: Developing object models, defining and coding business logic and documenting system workflows and processes. I am proficient in full life cycle business-critical development and adept at managing multiple highly visible, complex and time sensitive projects.



  • VBA

  • T-SQL

  • ADO

  • VB6

  • VB.NET

  • CDO

  • Active X DLL

  • DOS batch

  • PL/SQL

  • ASP

  • HTML

  • PHP

  • VBScript


  • MDX

  • XML

  • ODBC


  • Oracle

  • Sybase

  • MS Access

  • DB2

  • MS SQL Server incl. OLAP, OLTP, SSIS, SSAS

  • Data Transformation Services (DTS)

Development Environments/Tools

  • MSSS Enterprise Manager

  • MSSS Management Studio

  • Business Objects

  • MSSS BI Development Studio

  • MS Office Professional (All Products)

  • TOAD/Oracle Visio

  • MS Visual Studio

  • PowerPoint



  • MS Access

  • ServiceNow

  • MS Excel

  • Sharepoint

  • MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)


Information Technology Consultant                                                                                                                                              (08/11-12/15)

Client: American International Group, Inc. (AIG) Tax Technology Division, New York, NY

Consulting Agency: Stefinini  New York, NY

  • Global Tax Transformation Projects

    • General Oracle/SQL Server database Object & Script design, testing and promotion. Autosys job management for 'OneTax', 'US Shareholder' and 'TaxStream' corporate business divisions. 

    • User Provisioning Process: Designed and developed automated process for 'OneTax' business user provisioning. Enabled business users to send requests to a centralized intranet location. Coded routines to automate verification and promotion to servers. Created stored procedures used in scheduled SQL Server jobs for loading requests to production servers.               

    • Corporate Entity Provisioning Process: Designed and developed automated process for business entity provisioning. (see ‘Onetax’ User Provisioning for methodology.)

    • ‘TaxStream LITE’ Local Tax Estimation Tool: Developed Excel/SQl Server application/dashboard enabling business users to enter financial estimates for perm/temp BTD differences. Coded business logic for validating entity data against existing server side OTP data. Included automation for data export to server and worksheet extracts to PDF for data review

    • US Shareholder ‘TaxStream’ Reporting: Developed Oracle procedures and packages to produce data extracts for downstream business processes via autosys jobs.

    • Foreign Exchange Rates: Developed Oracle ETL procedures and autosys processes for daily currency rate updates from corporate ftp site to ‘One Tax’ financial databases

  • Tax Technology Group Projects:   

    • Trial Balance Load Conversions: Created Oracle DML & DDL scripts for ETL, mapping and validating audit data within corporate wide tax data repository

    • Tax Audit Adjustment Analysis Tool: Developed a multi-user application using Excel and SQL Server for tracking, reviewing and reporting federal tax audits.  Integrated into SharePoint as part of a larger tax analysis suite.

    • Master Tax Workbook Data Extraction: Prepare and monitor quarterly data extractions including minor application enhancements used for importing data from templates to company’s ‘TaxStream’ data management system

    • Tax Scenario Generator: Reengineered an analytical application from single to multi-user functionality. Added new automation and user features, included multi-level user access security, end user editable business logic, backend data auto-refreshing, process validation and code refactoring.

    • FAS52 Currency Conversions: Oracle integration including Excel, VBA, PL Sql and control files for quarterly datasets

    • 'TaxStream LITE’ Template: Client/Server Application used to enable users to analyze, edit and validate corporate Business Entity Permanent and Temporary financials (differences) and make available for server ETL Processes

    • Entity Governance: Client/Server POC Application used to enable editing and validation for all attributes of corporate Business Entities and make available for server ETL Processes

IT Consultant                                                                                                                                                                                 (11/10-08/11)

Client: Citibank N.A., Citi Cards Division, New York, NY  

Consulting Agency: Princeton Information Ltd. Jersey City, New Jersey

Project: Acquisition Dashboard - DM Profit/Loss Calculator - Reengineered a multi-user Excel tool for credit card products used to perform valuations from both acquisition and existing account perspectives.

  • Enhancements/Improvements

    • Improved application user experience with more effective new and redeveloped VBA coding, worksheets, forms, pivot tables and charts.

    • Incorporated the complete scope of product dimensions necessary for user campaign scenario analysis

    • Ability to create/modify market population models and templates through administrative level security level

    • Significantly fast processing speed and scalable code providing for stability and future upgrade requests

    • Unified business logic/data validation layers and user level security

    • Intuitive GUIs for a simplifying data querying and reporting experience

  • Project: Acquisition Dashboard - Developed a multi-user Excel reporting application for new user credit card product Analysis

    • Multidimensional analytics reports for short and long range metrics

    • Full automation for generating and exporting reports from project application to defined file server locations

    • Data import/validation automation for sourcing from various file formats (.xls, .csv, .txt, .mdb,etc.) and Oracle and SQL Server Databases

    • Scalable code enabling dynamic pivot tables and charts based on existing and user requested parameters

    • Detailed user event logging

IT Consultant                                                                                                                                                                                 (06/09-11/10)

Client: Liberty International Underwriters, Corporate Actuarial Division, New York, NY  

Consulting Agency: Softworld Inc. Waltham, MA

  • SQL Server business intelligence developer responsible for defining and coding complex actuarial financial processes including recasting for Risk Attaching and Loss Occurring reinsurance

  • Reengineered Portfolio Information Management Reporting System, unifying and optimizing dtsx packages, scripts, queries, VBA code and flat file import/exports

  • Designed and implemented SQL tools for high volume underwriting and claims requiring extensive ETL Package development

  • Defined methodologies for integrating business logic into server object models providing faster, cleaner  result sets while making processes more modular, eliminating redundancies, integrating error handling and maintaining process logs

  • Collaborated with chief and regional actuaries, project managers and offsite IT managers to assess and establish project requirements and deadlines

  • Produced ad hoc market and transaction level data for actuarial cubes, triangles, reserving and loss reporting and analysis

  • Automated existing manual Microsoft Excel/Access file processes via VBA

Web Developer                                                                                                                                                                             (11/08-06/09)

ShareAFishingCharter.Com, New York, NY    

  •  Developed an interactive 3 tiers web application/SQL Server backend database prototype for an E-Commerce charter fishing reservation service using the latest Microsoft Dot net technologies

Mortgage Collateral System Manager                                                                                                                                           (02/07-11/08)

JP Morgan Chase, New York, NY

  • Responsible for gathering, analyzing, monitoring and distributing mortgage and home equity backed securities data used to pledge over $44 billion monthly to Federal Reserve banks 

    • Produced, documented and implemented successful high volume loan level analysis, data mining and trend analysis applications incorporating Oracle and DB2 data warehouses  

    • Created and maintained analytical and reporting tools used in creating multimillion dollar securities investor prospectuses

    • Defined, reviewed and implemented business requirements/logic, standardized workflow processes, programming methodologies and trained analysts, optimizing analysis speed and efficiency while increasing data integrity and mitigating risks 

    • Collaborated with other technologists to define and assess priorities, gaps, current capabilities against current and future data and analytical requirements

    • Analyzed active and new mortgage product guidelines for impact to secondary mortgage markets group

Programmer Analyst Consultant                                                                                                                                                   (6/04 – 02/07)

Client: IT Services Department, United Nations Secretariat, New York, NY

Consulting Agency: CompuForce, New York, NY

  • Designed, developed and administrated multi-tier client/server and web solutions requiring creating new relational database models.

  • Established ITSD methodologies for analyzing, forecasting, and managing budgets, contracts, posts and staff assessments

  • Produced reporting tools for Risk Management that defining project scope, business requirements, staff  policies/objectives and inventory assessment

  • Gathered and defined functional, technical and business requirements for ITSD budgeting analysis applications

  • Analyzed and recommended technologies, applications, workflows and processes for new projects, upgrades and process conversions

  •  Optimized databases and established best practices for application design, implementation, training and security administration

Programmer Analyst/Technical Writer                                                                                                                                           (5/04 – 6/04)

Client: ABP Investments USA, Incorporated, New York, NY

  • Produced functional and technical analysis of current application design for migration to web environment

MS Access/SQL Programmer/EDI Analyst                                                                                                                                      (2/01 – 1/04)

DesignWorks Jewelry Group, Ltd. Long Island City, NY

  •  Gathered requirements, designed and implemented a POM system for company’s Lovefire division --

  • Developed projects/applications (labeling, bar coding and reporting) for various business units

  • Produced and automated reports and analysis extracted from various file formats/structures

  • Migrated company’s EDI from System 36/AS400 Mainframe to a VB/Access/SQL Server environment

  • Coded SQL Server DTS packages/VBScripts for extractions from legacy POM and accounting systems to Navision ERP

  • Produced technical and operational documentation for all developed applications and System 36/AS400

  • Designed and mapped standard/non standard EDI transactions, coded mapping modifications, maintain version control.

  • Defined backup and recovery procedures. Scheduled and monitored VAN usage

  • Liaison for company’s EDI trading partners and translation support

Programmer Analyst                                                                                                                                                                     (12/98 - 2/01)

Hanover Capital Partners Ltd.  New York, NY 

  • Developed multi-tier applications for Loans, Closings, Due Diligence and QC divisions of mortgage trading company

  • Led MIS transition from Focus (DOS) to MS Access/VB environment

  • Developed mortgage portfolio stratification reports for company’s Internet subsidiary

  • Projects:

    • Due Diligence System: Multi-user application used by underwriters for exhaustive loan level data scrubbing

    • Report Generator: GUI to create/save embedded SQL requests used to generate loan level and stratification summaries

    • Mortgage Data Import: MS Access tool converted from Focus, incorporating data validation and scrubbing

    • QC Report Generator: Reporting tool for Loan stratification and deficiencies

    • Image File Reader: User Interface for underwriters to select/view TIF formatted legal forms

Programmer  Analyst                                                                                                                                                                  (11/97 - 12/98)

Connect Systems, Inc.  New York, NY 

  • Clients/Projects Developed:

    • Prudential Life Insurance, NJ: Data presentation programs, including a Cost by Case Record Keeping System

    • Horizon Blue, NJ: PCP Quality Index Reports, PCP Reporting Program and Automated Letter Generation System.

    • Amerada Hess Corporation, NY: Systems for Lease Management Agreements, Barge Dispatch/Invoicing and Tug/Freighter Payroll


  • Bachelor of Arts, Major: Psychology, State University College at Buffalo, NY

  • SQL Server 2000, Netcom Information Technology, NY (2003).

    • System Administration, (MCDBA Track)

    • Design and Implementation, (MCDBA Track)

  • Advanced Programming in Microsoft Access 97, AppDev, NY (1999).

  • Microsoft NT Server 4.0, Network Administration Training, New York University, NY (1997)