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At Mint IT Solutions, we focus on making sure that businesses are protected in the instance of natural disasters. We focus on ensuring that all of our clients are presented with the right online backup solution that has been automated to keep them safe at all times.By setting up a safe and secure online cloud storage, we are able to ensure that clients remain protected in all instances of disasters, whether natural or man-made.We understand that sometimes, existing infrastructure may not be enough and this is why as part of our Managed IT Services and IT Support Services we offer backup services that can complement your on-site backup solution or should you wish for it, we can handle the full-scale replacement of your online backup solution with cloud backup.Having helped several of our clients stay protected in times of disasters, we have earned ourselves several glowing reviews one of which reads: “We have been using Mint IT as our IT provider for over 6 years. Tony and his team provide fantastic service and support. They are always easy to deal with and we recommend them to our clients when they require IT services.”


IT Support Services

By offering data security services, we focus on strategies that are essential to your business and those that guarantee the continuity of your business.Clients who have chosen our data security service as part of the full range of IT Support Services we offer have enjoyed a wide array of benefits including;


We prioritize internet security and we ensure that clients who work with us are protected from malicious attacks that may be delivered via the internet and email. By offering constant monitoring and up to date virus and malware protection, we ensure that clients and their businesses remain safe from ransomware, virus attacks and other attacks aimed at compromising their security and efficiency. Rest assured that our firewall device has been developed to utilize a layer of targeted features that can be easily and centrally managed.


Medical IT Support

As part of the services we offer, we help businesses to migrate to the use of Office 365, a program that allows businesses and employees to work seamlessly while also taking advantage of the programs and applications they are already familiar with including Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and more.With Office 365 and our comprehensive IT Support Services, we are able to help businesses to migrate from the traditional office space to the future, cloud computing, and productivity. With this service, businesses stand a chance to save more money by freeing up valued resources and they also save time and space.Our IT experts are available to meet with you to discuss your needs and based on these needs that have been identified, we will provide you with professional advice on setting up your Office 365 and how you can get the most of it. We make sure that solutions offered are those that are the right fit for your business and we take things up a notch by also offering comprehensive training and on-going support services to clients in order to ensure that they remain productive, effective and efficient.


Clients who work with us have found out that not only are we reliable but we ensure that all of their needs are focused on and prioritized. We are capable of simplifying the technical jargon in such a way that you can understand them and based on this understanding, you can make the best choice for your business needs.Irrespective of the size of your business or budget, you can rest assured that our team will provide the best value for your money.

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