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The final site update done 26 Dec 2022

mIRCStats v1.25

Added full license for ALL USERS to the package!

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mIRCStats is a highly configurable yet easy-to-use log analyzer for virtually any kind of logfiles. It was originally developed for analyzing IRC channel log files created with mIRC and later with any IRC client.

mIRCStats creates graphical HTML pages consisting of daily activity stats, user reports, detailed personal stats, user relation map, tables about chat topics, most used words, URLs and all kinds of miscellaneous information extracted from log files. It can also upload the pages to your WWW server to be viewed by your friends and web site visitors.

Well, in other words...

It turns this

Session Start: Thu Jul 30 17:59:11 1998
[17:59] *** Now talking in #paraakkeli
[19:23] <number6> omega race... yepp, I remember.
[19:26] <GCoke> guide
[19:27] <Kerb> GCoke: whatever
[19:28] <Fang> you have a) a splitting headache b) no tea
[20:16] *** Provo (provo@c2.dood.com) has joined #paraakkeli
[20:16] <SSWsentry> [Provo] Welcome!
[20:16] *** SSWsentry sets mode: +o Provo
[22:38] *** ZzuC is now known as ZzuB
[22:38] <number6> heh
[22:38] <ZzuB> taken
[22:38] <number6> 200 sek sounds quite expensive for me too
[22:41] <UnMoRTaL> i found the cheapest way!
[22:42] <UnMoRTaL> friday at 08.00 from stockholm to turku
[7:43] <ee-tu> yritin käydä kaupassa mut eihä se ollu auki :P
[7:47] *** eXe-File (eXe@wolfenstein.org) has joined #paraakkeli
[7:47] *** Avenger_ sets mode: +o eXe-File
[7:48] <SSWsentry> [eXe-File] Puberty and Nuchos for all!
[7:48] *** SSWsentry sets mode: +o eXe-File
[7:49] <eXe-File> howdy
[7:56] <Probo> hih alkaa paivamiehitys nakojaan:)
[8:12] * eXe-File goes for a smoke ! back in a while...
* eetu was a really heavy b5 addict some time ago
[17:19] <number6> i think its on tv4?
[17:19] <GCoke> DS9 is showing on Monday-Tuesday midnight
[17:19] <Delmo> yep .. ST is history compared to B5
[17:20] <UnMoRTaL> nah, but we have 2 ST series showing, the original and the voyager! ;) thats enough for me but I sure hope that B5 will show up again! ;)
[17:20] <number6> g: thanks
[17:20] <GCoke> um, you should put pressure on your tv-company like we did here
[17:20] <number6> well have to say - the oldiest - real ST is still the best
[17:20] <GCoke> n6, no, it isn't really ;)
[17:20] <number6> it is! :)
[17:24] <UnMoRTaL> tic tac,,,,,,tic tac,,,,,,
Session Close: Thu Jul 30 17:24:47 1998

....Into THIS!

mIRCStats sample output screenshot

mIRCStats key features

  • Configured with an easy Windows user interface
  • mIRCStats can be easily adapted to understand any logging format
  • Outputs over 20 different stats sections (full version) in selected language
  • Multiple-page html layouts can be freely configured
  • Built-in FTP client takes care of uploading the fresh stats to your web page
  • mIRCStats can also send stats update messages to your IRC channel through mIRC
  • Stats updates can be easily automated. See the help file for more info.

Download mIRCStats (for Windows)

mIRCStats development is now discontinued so it comes with a license file that opens all previously license-locked features to ALL USERS

mIRCStats icon mIRCStats v1.25 with license.txt file
(Unzip the archive to some directory but not under Program Files because it has restricted write access in current Windows versions)
mIRCStats license.txt file only
(Place the license file into your mIRCStats installation directory)
mIRCStats parser configuration files
mIRCStats language files

mIRCStats help can be accessed by pressing F1 in the application


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