When starting up OfficeSuite at the bottom of the screen you'll find the Home, Browse, Search and Account tabs, these contain some of the most commonly used functions of the app. In the middle of the four tabs you'll find a button allowing you to create a new document. Below we've detailed each of these for better clarity.


The default tab when starting up OfficeSuite is the Home tab. There you'll find options to view and manage your Favorites and Recent Files lists. Note that at the upper right corner of the Home screen you have the option to clear your entire Favorites or Recent Files list. This is done by tapping on the Contextual menu and selecting either the Clear Favorites or Clear Recents options. Additionally, at the right side of each of the files there is a similar Contextual menu featuring options for managing the files on an individual basis, these include:

Copy – Make a copy of the file and select where to store it on your Internal Storage or Cloud accounts.
Rename – Change the name of the file.
Move – Move the file from its current location to a different one on your Internal Storage or Cloud accounts.
Add to Zip – Archive the file and select where to store it.
Export – Export the file to any Cloud accounts connected to your OfficeSuite account.
Info – Provides further information about the file such as its file type, last modified date, size and where it's stored.
Open Folder – Selecting this will open the folder containing the file in question.

Further options are avilable at the bottom of the drop-down menu, some of which differ depending on whether the file in question is in the Favorites or Recent Files lists, these include:

Add Favorite – Tapping on the star will add the file in question to your Favorites list.
Remove Favorite – Tapping on the star will remove the file in question from your Favorites list.
Share – Includes options to Email the document, Zip & Email it, as well as to Open it in another app.
Delete – Deletes the document entirely.
Remove – If a file is in the Recent Files list this option will remove it, without deleting it.


The Browse tab includes various options to export and import documents, as well as to browse your Local Storage and add Cloud accounts. Additionally you can remove any cloud account attached to your OfficeSuite account from the Contextual menu at the upper right corner of the screen. Here's an overview of the avilable options below:

Local Storage – Browse through the documents saved on your local storage.
OfficeSuite Drive – Browse through the documents stored on your OfficeSuite Drive account.
Import – Import documents from any of the avilable Cloud accounts to your Local Storage.
WiFi Transfer – Transfer documents with other OfficeSuite users connected to the same WiFi network.
iTunes Files – Browse through the documents stored on your iTunes account.

Additionally, at the bottom of the screen you have options to add a Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Box account. Any cloud account connected to your OfficeSuite account will be displayed below the OfficeSuite Drive account at the top of the screen.


The Create button in the bottom middle part of the screen allows you to quickly create either a Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation or alternatively select from the avilable Templates to quickly create the file you need (such as CV templates, business presentations, invoices and many more). Lastly, you have the option to Import documents from your iCloud or OfficeSuite Drive accounts.


With the Search button you can quickly find the document you're looking for, either by name or based on the document's file type (Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation or PDF). Additionally, at the bottom of the screen you can view the list of recent searches.


The Account menu is where you can manage your OfficeSuite account, purchases and much more.

Share with Friends – Share OfficeSuite with your friends via email.
Send Feedback – Allows you to fill out a feedback form or contact customer support.
Password Protection – Restricts access to OfficeSuite using a custom password, please note that the password is not recoverable if forgotten. (Part of OfficeSuite Premium)
Restore Purchases – If you're using a new device you can restore any and all purchases made on this account by signing in to your iTunes account.
Help – Opens this help document.
What's new – See what the newest features of the current version of OfficeSuite are.
About – Lists valuable information and links such as the product's current version, options to join our Beta testing group, the Terms of use, Privacy policy and more.

For more information about the benefits and details of having an OfficeSuite account please view our Sign In help section.