Air Pollution Can Make People Unhappy

Air pollution is often the source of problems for respiratory illnesses experienced by the community. Nowadays the effects of air pollution can be felt in various areas due to forest fires, industrial waste, or vehicle fumes. Not only physical health, but air pollution also affects one's social life and behavior, especially happiness. Meanwhile, if you worry about air pollution at home, you can call the best company if Indoor Air Quality testing Los Angeles to check your home.

The relationship between air pollution and happiness

Research recently published in the journal Nature Human Behavior shows reduced levels of happiness caused by air pollution.

The high economic growth in China that is not in harmony with the level of welfare of the people is the basis for why the research was conducted.

Previous studies have shown the effects of air pollution damage health, cognitive abilities, and disrupt productivity.

Research conducted by BMC Public Health also shows the effect of the content of particles and nitrogen dioxide contained in air pollution on behavior. These substances cause increased pressure due to oxidation and inflammation in the brain that affects the appearance of negative behavior.

The higher the concentration of substances in the region, the more unhappy people are. In the meantime, if you also concern about mold that pollutes the air in your house, you can hire the company of Mold Inspection in Los Angeles.

Siqi Zeng, a lecturer in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who wrote the study uses social media data to determine the impact of air pollution on people's happiness in 144 cities in China.

The increasingly widespread problem of air pollution in China makes the public actively voice their concern for health and air quality on social media.

To measure the level of happiness in each city, Zheng and colleagues analyzed and reviewed 120 million posts on the Sina Weibo platform uploaded from March-November 2014.

From these data, it can be seen where the posts come from and the emotions they feel, whether sad or happy. Furthermore, it will be matched with the daily air quality index in the local area.

From the analysis conducted, researchers found a clear correlation between the effects of air pollution with the level of people's happiness.

The emotional impact of air pollution

The results showed that on days with relatively higher pollution levels, happiness levels were lower. Sources of air pollution that affect happiness in the study area are the use of motor vehicles, industrial activities, and coal burning.

Polluted air triggers someone to carry out risky impulsive actions. Someone will make decisions based on irrational reasons which he will later regret. The impact of air pollution like this will then cause short-term anxiety disorders and depression. Additionally, molds can also cause air pollution, so you may call a company of Mold Testing Los Angeles to check out the house's air quality.

The study also mentioned that women feel the impact of air pollution which is more significant than men. Decreased air quality greatly affects women's happiness.

Even though research that shows the effect of air pollution on reducing happiness has been supplemented by other research findings that support, further research is still needed to test these conclusions.

Avoid the effects of air pollution

There are several ways you can do to avoid the effects of dangerous air pollution, such as:

Use protective equipment such as face masks when outside the home.
Limit the time to do activities in high polluting places.
When exercising outside, choose a place that is far from pollution.
Limit the use of private vehicles when traveling.
Avoid burning rubbish.


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