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Gait analysis at Movement 101 is used to treat different conditions that impair the movement of a person. Our Physio and other physiotherapists come up with classes to restructure the movement and posture of a person when standing, running, or walking. Therefore, you can contact us if you have any concerns or need more information about the gait analysis.  Among the physiotherapist's recommendations is exercising. Exercises distribute the functions of the body to other body parts to relieve the stressed area. Therefore, our Movement 101 physio will take the client through tailored activities that activate a different functionality to help the affected area recover. The patient does the exercises regularly for the brain to adapt or register the new movements.



If you are an athlete, you are prone to the numerous injuries you face. However, you do not lose the determination and the will to stand up and fight again. For a sportsperson, it is vital to look for health solutions that do not involve excessive drugs or scope for surgeries until extremely necessary. Therefore, the introduction of physiotherapy has saved the lives of many such athletes. The right physiotherapist will lead you to the right kind of physiotherapy required to recover from injuries and treat pains. Movement 101 can be your go-to clinic if you want to hire physiotherapists. 






Lower limb orthotics devices provide support for the lower limb. At Movement 101, our Physiotherapist conducts an overall body assessment and a gait analysis to determine the lower limb orthotics. Some of the lower parts of a patient’s limb that may need support are the foot, heel, ankle, and toes. The lower orthotics help to relieve pressure on the lower limb. At Movement 101, our podiatrist uses a 3D foot scanning to scan the lower limb. The scan can determine the source of the pain by checking where the foot takes a lot of pressure. We also custom make orthotics to meet patient's needs. The customizable type of orthotics is the casted-lower-limb orthotics. The casted-lower limb is prescribed and made depending on a patient's needs.






Whenever you face issues with your foot, heel, toes, or surrounding areas, you tend to go to a general doctor and ask for an appropriate way of diagnosing your pain. Have you ever heard of a Podiatrist? Do you know what podiatry care is? It is a field of medicine that focuses on treating problems that affect your feet, heels, or lower legs. A few doctors specialize in different treatments like cardiology, orthopedic, gynecology, etc.; podiatry is also a field of medicine specialized by podiatrists. Movement 101 offers services related to podiatric care. Therefore, next time you face issues with your foot or heel, do not visit any doctor. Take care of your body the way it deserves; go to a doctor specializing in the associated field. 



Depending on your condition, our podiatrist will help you choose lower-limb orthotics that meet your needs. We treat all foot conditions at Movement 101. We also offer treatment for other painful injuries. Besides, advanced technology like biochemical assessments helps us diagnose conditions. Our podiatrist also uses Electrocorporeal Shockwave therapy to reduce pain like tendon pain and heel pain.


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