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Did you know that limited joint mobility and stiffness aren’t characteristics of aging as many believe? However, these problems are more prevalent in old age because of an individual's many years' lifestyle patterns, such as repetitive sitting. Laborers and athletes also experience limited mobility issues. Such lifestyles increase the vulnerabilities of individuals to damaging their muscles, ligaments, and nerves around the joints. The damages limit the affected joint's ability to allow free movement in different directions.  A Physio will enact specific exercises to enhance the safe movement of the body joints. The exercises utilize available ranges of motion to enable the muscles to expand gradually with flexibility. These ranges of expansions allow an individual to achieve mobility over time. You'll attend several physiotherapy sessions and combine them with prescribed at-home workouts to achieve desirable results.


Movement 101 physiotherapists use various treatment methods, including developing safe workouts to stop the symptoms of these conditions. Other commonly used treatment options include electrotherapy, muscular manipulation, and heat therapy, among others. Have you been diagnosed with any chronic disease that you can manage through physical wellness? Visit Movement 101 and let your physio assist you in planning on how to manage the condition and live healthily.






Pain around or under the kneecap is a common occurrence across the population. The pain primarily manifests after a sudden increase in intensive or strenuous workouts such as jumping, limping, or repetitive squatting. You're also more likely to experience the pain after considerably long walks on uneven grounds or cobblestones. Kneecap joint pain is a nagging ache characterized by sharp and sudden twinge. Physiotherapist is among the effective remedies for managing kneecap pain. Do you usually experience knee pain when you stand up after sitting for a long time? How about when ascending or descending a flight of stairs? Does your knee ache running, jumping, inclining, and declining significantly in hilly areas? The pain can sometimes be disturbingly acute. 






Yoga clients, especially first-time participants, sustained various injuries during the sessions. Most of these injuries emanate from a lack of body awareness, form, and proper alignment. Therefore, yoga trainers should focus on these issues to enable clients to gain maximum benefits from yoga sessions. Remember, the body system performs differently every day, making it crucial to listen to your body. For instance, your body may exhibit lower energy levels on a typical day, or the previous day's workout was intense, and you sustained injuries.  Movement 101 physio closely works with clients to ensure that they have hassle-free yoga sessions. For example, we encourage new yoga clients to inform their instructors that they are new to the sessions. The information is crucial in assisting the instructors in modifying the class to meet the client's individual needs and minimize injuries.  Podiatrist Modifications are essential in any physical workout because they enhance streamlining of the exercises to meet client needs. Body systems work differently. Movement 101 focuses on assisting clients in identifying the best yoga practices that enhance proper alignment and form to promote their physical and mental wellness without plunging them into a series of injuries.



Nine months can look like an eternity for mothers to be, especially first-time mothers. The cravings, backaches, swollen legs, sore muscles, and troubled sleep, the nine months may feel like they may never end. However, you'll notice how short the nine months have been once you successfully deliver your little angel. The planning, preparation, fast transition, and anticipating may push you to forget caring for your physical health and wellness. A physiotherapist comes in handy here.


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