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Having been representing clients for years, we boast of a team of a diverse and multi-disciplinary Injury Lawyer who are ready to take on client’s cases, irrespective of the personal injury case that they present.We make sure that when clients reach out to us, they get our full support as we are quick to schedule a free consultation and case review with them to ensure that we review the case to know whether they have a valid case to pursue or not. We understand that you may be unable to leave where you are due to the nature of injuries sustained and this is why we offer to come to you, whether at the hospital, at home, or other places.Rest assured that we have earned the respect of past clients that we have worked with and we are more than committed to seeing that you get the best outcome from your personal injury case. We will handle all of the technical details of the case while encouraging you to focus on what is important, recuperation.We understand that personal injury cases may have taken the worst effect on your finances and this is why we offer you a contingency fee-based service that means we do not get paid If we fail to win your case for you.We are committed to recovering both economic and non-economic damages that you may have suffered due to the personal injury case.


Personal Injury Lawyer

At Munley Law Allentown, we are a team of Personal Injury Lawyer who have over the years remained committed to representing the interest of clients who come into our law firm seeking legal help after they have suffered injuries from an accident caused by another person.We understand the pain of personal injury cases, especially as it can change the course of a client’s life forever. This is why we offer aggressive legal representation in all cases including truck accident cases.We understand that for truck accident cases, clients may have to live with a permanent disability or in the aftermath of the accident be unable to work and function properly while incurring huge medical debts.To help offset this, our experienced and professional Injury Lawyer will go through your case, review all the facts presented and decide on whether there is a personal injury claim to be pursued or not.

Whether you work in the construction industry, healthcare industry, grocery and retail industry, transportation and delivery industry, warehouse, and big machinery industry or others, rest assured that we are familiar with the process and also have a team that is ready to negotiate the best possible insurance payout for the injuries you have sustained.We have a history of representing clients who have suffered power line injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning, toxic exposure, asbestos exposure, chlorine gas poisoning, dram shop law, social host liability, negligent security, burn injuries, and others.You can reach out to us to set up a free consultation and initial case review meeting where we will offer you all the information you need to know about your case, your chances and the legal strategy to employ.We understand that the high cost of medical attention coupled with the fact that you may be unable to work may have caused some financial instability for you and this is why we offer you a contingency fee-based service that takes the weight of legal bills off your shoulder until the case is won.


Truck Accident Lawyer

In addition to this, you can trust that our Truck Accident Lawyer will work with experts to gather all the necessary evidence and information, including police reports, medical records, and others to ensure that the case is airtight.With Munley Law Allentown, you no longer have to worry about the cost of the legal services that we offer as we understand your current financial situation and as such offer a contingency fee-based service that guarantees that we will not get paid until we have won the compensation that you deserve.We will ensure that your case gets the full backing of all our attorneys and the full resources of our law firm towards ensuring that we get the best compensation for all economic and non-economic damages you have suffered.Rest assured that we will hire the services of an expert witness where needed and we have a team of experienced negotiators who are ready to stretch the insurance company and their agents thin to ensure that the highest possible compensation is squeezed out for you.Rest assured that our team at Munley Law Allentown has the right injury lawyer for all truck accident cases including truck drivers and truck accidents, fatal truck accidents, unsecured cargo truck accidents, overloaded truck accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, dump truck accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, garbage truck accidents, tanker truck accidents, Jackknife truck accident and more.

Rest assured that whether you have been involved in complex accidents like truck accidents that require the expertise of a Truck Accident Lawyer, or any other accident at all, we are more than capable of representing your interest.Our practice area spans across car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, truck accidents, nursing home, and elder abuse, medical malpractice, traumatic brain injuries, catastrophic injuries, construction accidents, slip and fall accidents, premises liability, wrongful deaths and more.


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