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The financial burden you incur when an accident has caused serious illness, injury or death can be overwhelming. You may experience years of pain and suffering; lost wages because you can’t work, inability to take care of your needs and a lifetime of medical bills. To ease your financial burden and your pain through this traumatizing moment you will need Personal Injury Attorney for free consultation and assessment of your case. If you have a case, we will hold the party for your loss. It is only fair that you receive compensation that you deserve

When you are part of an accident and you don’t know who is at fault, you need us. The insurance company will be looking for someone to blame. Without a professional to consult, it will be you. We are endowed with the resources to investigate the accident and diligently gather information to find out who is at fault. We will help you bring a lawsuit against the negligent party and get compensation for your claim.


Personal Injury Attorney

Car accidents occur due to several reasons. On top of the list is human negligence due to drunk drivers, reckless drivers, over speeding or distracted drivers. Bad weather, faults in the car and other factors not associated with the driver contribute a small percentage to road accidents. Car wrecks are known for their destructive impact on a person’s life. The impact could range from slight injury to broken bones to partial or total disability to death. Whatever the circumstance, you will be faced with medical bills, emotional distress and a possibility of not going to work.

Also, the hurdle of taking legal action for the damages will be in your bucket list. Chances are you will be overwhelmed with no guarantee of getting the compensation that you deserve. This is where we come in. Personal Injury Lawyer will help you navigate the legal processes with your insurance company and ensure you get reimbursement for your damages.


Stroudsburg Injury Lawyer

Our car accident attorney will help recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, lost earning capacity; pain and suffering; and rehabilitation physical therapy.

We also help you get justice for your loved ones following wrongful death claims. Our personal injury attorney will file a lawsuit against the driver at fault. We believe everyone should have access to justice. Therefore, our practice goes further to representing cases of pedestrians hit by cars, victims of bicycle accidents and motorcycle crashes. 

Personal Injury Attorney

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We have a reputable name in obtaining justice for victims of manufacturers’ negligence. We have been in the industry for 6 decades fighting for justice for those who have suffered harm because of defective products. Because of our exemplary service, our product liability attorneys have consistently made it to the best lawyers in America. With one of our own as the product liability lawyer of the year, we assure we will deliver to your expectations.

If you have been injured or someone you know experienced harm due to negligence by retailers, lessors, distributors, wholesalers or manufacturers, take the appropriate action. Trust us to fight for you this battle. Our experience in product liability over the years is what sets us apart from the pack. Our aim is for you to get the compensation you deserve for your loss. Contact us today for a free consultation and you will not regret it.

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