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Damaged or broken sidewalks are a nuisance, safety, and eye-sore. Many private property owners are also responsible for keeping their sidewalks adjacent to their home in decent condition. The city also has two major sidewalk repair programs to assist maintain Boulder's walkable, beautiful sidewalk. It is up to the property owner to make sure that the sidewalk is repaired so as to remain safe and clean. The basic things to know before fixing a sidewalk are:What is the average cost to replace a sidewalk? The average cost of paving a new sidewalk can be as much as $1000. Most contractors use an asphalt material. However, some do use concrete or stone to pave sidewalks. If you are not familiar with the materials, you can get your average cost from your local supplier.Is it possible to hire a property owner's contractors for sidewalk repair? Yes, you can. It is not uncommon to have your contractor come out several times a week to make repairs. Some homeowners like to save money by doing it themselves. However, if you want the job done right the first time, it is recommended that you let the professionals do the repairs.





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Sidewalk replacement is often needed if there is an uneven sidewalk on the property. An uneven sidewalk will make walking on the roadway more difficult because it is not level. When the sidewalks are old they can be very slippery also, so the owner needs to make sure they have the correct amount of depth to them. This can be determined by looking at the depth of the pavement or the water table on the property. There are many things that need to be considered when repairing a sidewalk.Many times, the damage done to the sidewalk is actually from older vehicles driving over them or not paying enough attention to them. Old automobiles are not very fuel efficient and this can add unnecessary wear and tear to the roads. Some property owners choose not to do any of the repairs, or they try to hide it, but often this just makes the situation worse. It's not a good idea to just ignore damage to sidewalks, but if it is too extensive it may be time for some sidewalk replacement.





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Sidewalk repair may seem like it's a relatively simple task when compared with other home repairs, but it's actually quite complex. Sidewalks tend to run through the city for several miles, so repairs on each one really add up quickly. In some parts of the country, like in New York, sidewalks don't get repaired very often at all. Other times, you might have to replace a section of sidewalk in two or three areas. If you're thinking of hiring a local sidewalk repair company, here are some things you should know to help you make the right decision.There are numerous reasons that sidewalks will deteriorate and break down over time, including weather and road conditions, to name a few. A qualified concrete contractor can tell what the cause of your particular problem is, and know how best to fix your particular problem, as well as knowing the best way to complete future sidewalk repairs.



There are two basic ways that people cause damage to sidewalks: through traffic and through items left on the sidewalks. Depending on the size and type of streets surrounding your home, certain types of traffic can be a threat to your walkways. For example, on multi-lane roads, cars driving between lanes can impact your walkway repairs, because the slightest jolt can cause cracks in the asphalt. On smaller sidewalks, things like golf clubs, ice skates, bags, or balls can be kicked or dropped onto them without too much harm, but they can still cause cracks in the asphalt, especially if the area is poorly maintained. That's why you need to let a qualified concrete contractor know what type of traffic is on your street so that you can have your walkways repaired accordingly.


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