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Eyebrow Threading as it is sometimes called, is an ancient art practiced by people all over the world. The art of threading eyebrows is usually practiced by the people of Asia, especially in China and Japan. Threading eyebrows is also known as Yaupon which in its original form was done by women of the Philippines. Eyebrow threading involves plucking the eyebrows from the face and tying them into beautiful braids that are then woven onto the hairline. This technique has been passed down through the generations with the use of braided natural fiber materials, such as coconut husks, natural goat hair, and silk fibers. In the past decades eyebrow threading has made a huge come back as women have become more health conscious and are looking for new ways to stay young and vibrant looking. With the introduction of cosmetic threading methods, such as Botox injections and laser skin resurfacing; eyebrow threading has received a boost in popularity.



When choosing a method to remove hair from the eyebrows threading is always a good choice. A qualified esthetician will be able to advise on which technique will be best suited for your situation and will be able to instruct you on how to care for yourself after the procedure. It is also very important that you find a qualified esthetician who is able to perform this method safely and effectively as if you were to develop an allergic reaction or irritation to the substance used, this could lead to complications. Always ask your esthetician to explain the risks associated with eyebrow threading before you agree to have this procedure done.




Threading Eyebrows


Many people opt for Threading Eyebrows as it can create more dramatic effects to an eyebrow tattoo than waxing. Threading eyebrows offers more control and precision than waxing. In addition, it is a painless procedure that takes about 5 minutes and does not require anesthetics. When an esthetician uses threading eyebrows, she or he will first paint eyebrows on the client's skin using a special pencil. Once the eyebrows are ready, the esthetician will remove the waxed portion and gently thread the eyebrows using tweezers. There are many advantages to using eyebrow threading. The most prominent is that it can create eyebrows that look more natural than waxing. Another advantage is that the client does not have to spend time learning how to use a makeup gun or apply makeup. In some cases, estheticians use pomade called "glimmer" to give the eyebrows the "cool red" look they want. eyebrows threading provides permanent eyebrows tattoo that can be layered or removed if desired.




Eyebrows Threading


When it comes to the waxing technique, you have to choose whether you want your Eyebrows Threading or waxing. Threading allows the esthetician to pluck your eyebrows and make the threading eyebrows. However, when you choose to wax, you will be given a simple strip to remove the facial hair from the eyebrows. The esthetician will then use tweezers to pull off the strip of bandage and you will receive a new eyebrow in the shape of your desired one. If you do not want to undergo eyebrow threading, you can always opt for waxing. It is important that you find an esthetician who is skilled and experienced so that you will end up with the eyebrows and the desired look. Eyebrow threading is a technique of removing unwanted hair with the aid of threading eyebrows. This technique has been used by the people of Asia and India for many centuries now. The threading process involves plucking the eyebrows and threading them through the eyebrows. 



If you look back at history, this method was used long before the machines were introduced. During that time, people had to pluck the eyebrows from their eyebrows by the hand and use tweezers to thread them. This method however is not effective and that is why before this technique people had to go to the temples to get their eyebrows threaded. Nowadays waxing and threading eyebrows are no longer done by the people of Asia and India because of the introduction of the new technology, waxing and threading techniques. Waxing techniques involve a process where a hot wax is placed on the skin and it is pulled off from the skin by a machine. The hot wax is used to remove the hair on the eyebrows. When the procedure is over, the esthetician will place a strip of bandage on the skin and advise the client to put on some sort of facial cream and sun block so that sun damage is avoided.


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